Best 5 Places to visit in Islamabad at night

Places to visit in Islamabad at night

Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, situated in the Margalla Hills, is a modern city blending urban beauty seamlessly. Founded in the 1960s, Islamabad is a purpose-built capital city with sprawling trees, lush parks and contemporary architecture that is a testament to the city’s alertness. Known for its peace, cultural beauty and diversity, Islamabad welcomes visitors with open arms, offering a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity. Islamabad promises an unforgettable experience for all visitors who embrace it, whether exploring its landmarks, savouring its rich heritage, or simply basking in the serenity of its surroundings.

Centaurus Mall:

Places to visit in Islamabad at night

Centaurus Mall is the symbol of modern architecture and luxury shopping in the region, located in Islamabad, Pakistan [Places to visit in Islamabad at night]. The store has a beautiful structure that combines gorgeous contemporary design with antiques, spanning several floors to offer sales, dining and entertainment to visitors. When you enter Centaurus Mall, guests are greeted by a large building beautifully decorated with lighting and high-end finishes. 

A comprehensive and carefully selected selection of high-end products and international brands make this place a paradise for fashionistas. From luxury fashion to electronics, cosmetics to home decoration, the store appeals to every taste and preference. 

In addition to retail stores, Centaurus Shopping Center is home to many dining options, from fine dining to eateries and cafes. Whether visitors want international or local delicacies, they can enjoy flavours that suit their tastes. Market areas create a beautiful space where families and friends can gather, enjoy delicious food and chat. 

Entertainment is also an essential part of Centaurus Shopping Centre, offering a variety of fun activities to attract visitors every day. Showcasing the latest blockbuster movies, the state-of-the-art cinema offers a world-class viewing experience with comfortable seating and the latest audio-visual technology. The mall includes an arcade offering a range of arcade games and virtual reality experiences for fans to enjoy. 

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Monal Restaurant:

Places to visit in Islamabad at night

Located at the top of Margalla Hill overlooking the capital Islamabad, Monal Restaurant is an iconic restaurant that offers delicious meals accompanied by a beautiful view. As visitors follow the winding path through the lush greenery of the Margalla Hills National Park, they are greeted with the beautiful hillside view of Monal, beckoning them to experience its cuisine. On arrival, visitors are invited to a world of exquisite beauty and hospitality. 

The restaurant’s design harmonizes with the natural landscape, offering traditional indoor seating in a spacious setting and a patio outside for guests to relish Islamabad’s skyline views. The terrace provides a unique chance to witness the golden sunset over the city, setting a charming and romantic atmosphere. 

Monal’s cuisine is a delightful celebration of flavours, featuring diverse dishes to satisfy every taste [Places to visit in Islamabad at night]. From authentic Pakistani cuisine featuring delicious kebabs, aromatic biryani and rich curries to expertly prepared continental specialities, each dish is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence. The talented chefs carefully prepare fresh, local ingredients to ensure each bite is harmonious with flavours, flavours and textures. 

One of the best things about dining at Monal is the opportunity to taste the best Pakistani food on the grill. Guests can enjoy tender kebabs, juicy kebabs and delicious rotis served with a variety of freshly baked naan and traditional chutneys. The pleasant smell of barbecue wafts in the air, causing a sensation and igniting the appetite. 

Jinnah Supermarket:

Places to visit in Islamabad at night

Located in the heart of Islamabad, Jinnah Supermarket is a large shopping mall serving residents and tourists for decades [Places to visit in Islamabad at night]. The store is named after Pakistan’s leader, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who shared his vision of prosperity and progress. Jinnah Supermarket spans multiple blocks and serves as a shopping destination, offering shoppers a wide range of products, goods, and services. 

From new products to clothing, electronics to appliances and more, the market caterers to a variety of needs and preferences. The length of the road is lined with shops and shops offering everything from everyday items to unique items, creating a beautiful and elegant atmosphere. 

One of the unique features of Jinnah Supermarket is its rich culture and food. Visitors can enjoy traditional Pakistani restaurants serving mouth-watering kebabs, biryani and chaat, and international cuisines ranging from Chinese and Italian to Middle Eastern and European cuisine. Whether a quick bite from a street vendor or a gourmet dining experience in the market, food lovers will discover delights that will tantalize their palates. Besides shopping and dining, Jinnah Supermarket is where locals gather, gossip and catch up on the latest news.

Its central location and beautiful surroundings make it a meeting place for friends and family, especially on weekends and holidays. 

Faisal Mosque:

Places to visit in Islamabad at night

The Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, stands as a great symbol of Islamic architecture and cultural identity [Places to visit in Islamabad at night]. Named after King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, whose government financed its construction, the mosque is known for its beautiful design and peaceful atmosphere. The renowned Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay designed the Faisal Mosque. Inspired by Bedouin huts, its unique shape creates a feeling of peace and tranquillity with clean lines and geometric patterns. 

The mosque’s airport can accommodate thousands of worshipers, making it one of the largest mosques in the world. The facade and walls of the place of worship, which has four minarets, dazzle with its white marble architecture decorated with complex lines. The worship hall’s spacious interior features a minimalist aesthetic with simple, elegant designs that encourage meditation and spirituality. The absence of ostentatious decoration allows worshipers to devote themselves to prayer and meditation, creating peace and tranquillity. 

Surrounded by lush greenery and with the Margalla Hills in the background, Faisal Mosque provides tranquillity away from the noise and chaos of the city. Its peaceful location and magnificent views make it a favoured spot for worshippers and visitors searching for spiritual solace, comfort, and cultural experience.
Apart from its religious significance, the Faisal Mosque symbolises Pakistan’s commitment to Islamic values and unity. Its architecture includes welcoming people of all races and religions, promoting religious dialogue and understanding in a world often divided by different religions.

Rawal Lake:

Rawal Lake, a beautiful lake in the beautiful Margalla Hills of Islamabad, Pakistan, is a source of beauty, recreation and urban water supply. Dammed by the Korang River and covering an area of approximately 8.8 square kilometres, Rawal Lake is a peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Snuggled amidst lush greenery and rugged hills, the lake’s pristine waters form a magnificent environment for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Paths and trails surround the lake, famous for its morning walks, picnics, and fun bike rides. Tourists can experience peace and tranquillity while walking along the shore, enjoying the safe waters and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. 

For adventure seekers, there are many activities to enjoy in Rawal Lake. Boating and fishing are popular pastimes, and Guests can hire pedal boats or rowboats to explore the clear waters and try their luck catching Freshwater fish like carp, catfish, and tilapia. The tranquillity of the lake also makes it an ideal place for canoeing and kayaking, allowing people to walk in nature and enjoy the beauty of the environment from a different perspective. 

Numerous dining areas around the pool, with chairs, tables and grills, create an inviting atmosphere for families and friends to dine [Places to visit in Islamabad at night]. Whether enjoying lunch by the water or cooking under the trees, visitors can enjoy the simple pleasures of dining al fresco in the splendour of nature.

Places to visit in Islamabad at night – FAQS:

Why is Islamabad famous? 

Islamabad has a reputation as a progressive, business-oriented city at the heart of Pakistan’s urban development scene. Faisal Mosque, made of white marble, is a significant landmark of the town, one of the largest mosques in the world and a hotspot for tourists along with Jinnah shops.

What is the feature of Islamabad? 

Islamabad is famous for its parks and forests, including Margalla Hills National Park and Shakaparian Park. It is home to many sites, including the country’s flagship Faisal Mosque, the fifth-largest mosque in the world. Other notable landmarks include the Pakistan Monument and Democracy Square.

Who named Islamabad? 

The name “City of Islam” Many suggestions were received. In February 1960, the name “Islamabad”, meaning “City of Islam”, was suggested by Qazi Abdur Rehman and finalized by the government cabinet.

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