Best Beaches in Florida For Families

best beaches in Florida for families


It’s the month of June, and all we can think of is sunbathing and beaches. Regarding Beaches, Florida has its name shining through our minds. With a total of 575 beaches, this state has won the trophy for most beaches in the US.  Florida: The Sunshine State has such astonishingly beautiful beaches that have cast their spell on us, making it the best travel destination both domestically and domestically. Today, we discuss some of the best beaches that are top recreation spots and best for families to visit.

1. Clearwater:

best beaches in Florida for families

Head to Clearwater Beach in Florida when it’s time to make the best memories. It is located on Central Florida’s western coast, between the Gulf of Mexico and Pinellas County on the west and Tampa Bay on the east. Being one of the best beaches in America, Clearwater Beach is always bustling with excitement [best beaches in Florida for families]. This white sand beach has plenty of kid-friendly areas, making it ideal for families. There are museums, aquariums, and a variety of places to stay.

2. Santa rosa beach:

Relaxed and laid-back are the two words for this beauty. It is a blend of incredible history, with the diversification of parks, shopping, and eateries. This perfect blend is for people looking for a variety of entertainment. Whether it’s the scenic beauty or ancient history, Santa Rosa Beach has you covered. Old-school charm and refreshing  emerald sea attract people of all ages

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3. Panama city beach-panhandle:

If you need a break from the hustling and bustling of a city, come to Panama City Beach. With its perfect blend of nightlife, museums, mouth-watering food, and continental cuisines, this beach also serves the option to stay in its neighborhood, providing you with a change in your daily routine with its experience of living in a new neighborhood. Bring your surfboards and ask the kids to carry their beach toys because Panama City Beach serves all age ranges.

4. Daytona Beach:

best beaches in Florida for families

Daytona Beach’s history of automobile racing attracts several race enthusiasts from across the world, which led to the development of Daytona International Speedway. The beach offers Zipline adventure, a dolphin kayak tour, a fire and dinner show, paddle board rentals, and a beach scavenger hunt [best beaches in Florida for families]. Enticing, no wonder. It gives your family a lot of opportunities to make memories.

5. Navarre beach-panhandle:

Staying at Navarre Beach panhandle means you get to enjoy the mild temperatures of the ‘Sunshine Florida state.”’ It’s ideal for those who like quiet as this beach doesn’t attract large crowds. Here you could enjoy your solo time or come with friends and family. One could spend the after chilling by the coast, or you could get insights into sea turtles by visiting the turtle conservation center over here. As the day passes, you coconut for the best sunset views at Navarre beach

6. Carillon beach:

Carillon Beach is one of the best assets in Florida. There is a lot of action at this destination. The top picks are airboat adventures, paradise sailing, allowing you to mesmerize yourself with deep sea views, Pier Park for the shopaholics with its own dining and entertainment experience, and private charter for fishing, perfect for families who do not want to be in crowds all the time and want recreation by themselves fishing, diving or dolphin cruises.

7. South beach park:

This beach is just as calming and stunning in the daytime as at nightlight in the moonlight. One is in awe of the beauty of nature here. This beach’s walking paths provide a laid-back, adventurous, safe experience. Ideal for kids and families. It has excellent spots for picnic areas, suitable for people who are on a recreational break [best beaches in Florida for families]. Not just spectacular views, you would find a variety of entertainment spots such as an airboat tour of Palm Beach in the Swamp Monster, cruising downtown in the evening, historical sightseeing in Palm Beach, fishing trips near Boca Raton, experience jet ski tours, and much more.

8. Juno beach park:

best beaches in Florida for families

Juno Beach is located in the area surrounding Beach Park. This dog-friendly beach calls you for a lazy day fishing near the beach while relaxing in the calming water and soaking up the sun. Bring your family or your close friends along for an intimate weekend. It is wheelchair accessible and has lifeguard availability, so your younger siblings or little kids in your family could roam around safely under the supervision of expert lifeguards.

9. New Smyrna Beach:

This is one of those unique beaches providing indoor and outdoor entertainment. Once you get bored of the beach views, you could visit indoor activities such as the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and Museum and be amused by the history of this ancient place while also taking pleasure in breathtaking views, the bowling alley at New Smyrna Lanes, this is that sort of activity which people of all ages enjoy. Another thing you could take advantage of is getting tickets to the theatre and watching a live performance that showcases family friendliness—feeling energetic? Then, go towards the beach area and hit the trails on two wheels. The fun never ends at New Smyrna Beach.

10. Lowdermilk Park:

best beaches in Florida for families

Get mesmerized by the pearly white sand at Naples Beach of Lowdermilk Park. Bring your kids along, let them roam on the duck pond, and have a feast from nearby restaurants. Spend your time strolling at the beach and enjoy a mesmerizing sunset at dusk [best beaches in Florida for families]. You would have several options for entertaining yourself here, like the eco-shelling cruise to Keeywadin Island, a Kayak tour in North Naples, an electric bike tour with your entire family, or a small family tour to mangrove trees on a kayak. Get unforgettable meals and in-budget deals for the whole family only at the Lowdermilk Park area.


Florida is a must-visit place for refreshing beach tours. With the vast majority of people coming here for recreational activities, it is flooding with new developments and budget-friendly entertainment tour packages for the entire family.

Best beaches in Florida for families – FAQs:

Q1. Is Florida cheap to vacation?

Ans: Florida is a low-tax state, and tourists enjoy a tax benefit here, making travel relatively cheaper. A quick tip would be to fly in early May or early June to benefit from slightly lighter prices.

Q2. what is so special about Florida?

Ans: Florida is renowned for its warm temperatures, many entertainment venues, and family-friendly nature. From kids to adults to the elderly, you will find everyone enjoying themselves here.

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