Family Friendly Cities to Visit in Pakistan

Family Friendly Cities to Visit


Pakistan is a new family holiday destination with its rich heritage, diverse landscapes, and hospitality. From bustling cities to quiet mountain villages, the country has many experiences for everyone. Families can explore historical sites, enjoy outdoor activities, and savour the delicious local cuisine. Twelve families living in Pakistan’s cities offer unforgettable experiences for everyday travellers.


Islamabad is known for its lush greenery, well-planned order, and tranquillity. Families can visit the iconic Faisal Mosque, stroll through Shakaparian Park, or hike the Margalla Hills. The city also hosts the Pakistan Natural History Museum and Lokwesa Museum [Family Friendly Cities to Visit]. With many parks and family restaurants, Islamabad offers a beautiful blend of nature and modern amenities. Its clean and safe environment makes it an ideal place for families.


Family Friendly Cities to Visit

Lahore is the cultural centre of Pakistan, full of energy and importance. Families can explore historical sites like Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, and Shalimar Gardens. Lahore Zoo and Joyland Amusement Park offer fun activities for children. The city’s food scene offers a variety of local delicacies that the whole family can enjoy. Lahore’s leading shopping malls, such as Anarkali Chowk, provide a unique shopping experience. The city’s entertainment and events are also great for families.

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Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, has urban and coastal areas. Families can enjoy a day at Clifton Beach or visit the Karachi Zoo and Safari Park. The city has many educational and interactive museums, including the Pakistan Maritime Museum and the Pakistan Air Force Museum [Family Friendly Cities to Visit]. Karachi’s vibrant food scene has street food and fine restaurants to suit all tastes. Shopping centres such as Dolmen Mall offer entertainment and shopping opportunities for the whole family. The city’s diverse culture and lifestyle make it a great family destination.


Murree is a popular summer hill station and holiday destination for families looking to escape the hot summer months. The city’s cool climate and beautiful scenery are ideal for outdoor activities. Families can stroll along Mall Road, ride the Patriata chairlift, or explore nearby Ayubia National Park. Murree guest houses and hotels offer excellent service and beautiful views. The local market is ideal for buying souvenirs and tasting local snacks. Peace and natural beauty make Murree a perfect family holiday.


Abbottabad is located in the Hazara region and is known for its pleasant climate and beautiful surroundings. Families can visit the beautiful Ayubia National Park, which offers hiking trails and wildlife areas. The city has many parks and playgrounds perfect for dining and outdoor activities. Schools like the Pakistan Military Academy in Abbottabad have must-see attractions. The city’s shops and restaurants allow you to experience local culture and cuisine. Its peaceful surroundings make it ideal for family holidays.


Peshawar is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan and has a rich mix of history and culture. Families can explore the Peshawar Museum, which displays ancient artefacts and Gandhara art. The historical Qissa Khwani Bazaar is a must-visit place for its beauty and antiques. Peshawar’s parks, such as Shahi Bagh, offer green spaces for rest and play. The city’s rich culinary heritage, including famous dishes like kebabs, is a foodie favourite. Peshawar’s hospitality and wealth make it an attractive family travel destination.

Swat Valley:

Often called the “Switzerland of Pakistan,” Swat Valley is renowned for its breathtaking beauty. Families can cruise the clear waters of Malam Jabba and explore the lush green meadows of Kalam. Historical monuments in the valley, such as the Buddhist ruins of Butkara Stupa, provide a learning experience [Family Friendly Cities to Visit]. Swat’s resorts and hotels offer comfort and beautiful mountain views. Adventure sports such as skiing in winter and hiking in summer are suitable for all family members. The beautiful nature and peace of the valley make it the best family place.


Skardu is located in Gilgit-Baltistan and is the gateway to some of the highest peaks in the world. Families can visit Shangri-La Resort and the beautiful Satpara Lake, known as “Heaven on Earth”. The ancient Skardu Fort and colourful bazaars offer cultural and shopping experiences. The rugged terrain of Skardu is suitable for adventure activities such as hiking, rock climbing and fishing. The region’s unique cuisine and hospitality can enrich the trip. The beauty and tranquillity of Skardu make it an unforgettable family destination.


Hunza Valley is known for its spectacular scenery and welcoming community. Families can visit the ancient forts of Baltit and Altit to enjoy the view and learn about history. Apricot gardens and terraces create a beautiful environment for walking and dining. The central city, Karimabad, has charming hotels and restaurants serving local cuisine. Adventure lovers can enjoy activities like hiking on Attabad Lake, boating and exploring the nearby glaciers. Hunza’s combination of natural beauty and culture makes it a favourite among family travellers.


Family Friendly Cities to Visit

Gilgit, the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan, is northern Pakistan’s exploration centre. Families can also visit the Gilgit Market, which sells ancient stone carvings of Kargah Buddha and local handicrafts and souvenirs. The area’s rivers and valleys offer fishing, rafting and picnicking opportunities [Family Friendly Cities to Visit]. Gilgit’s restaurants and hotels offer excellent service and views of the surrounding mountains. The city’s vibrant festivals and local cuisine add to the trip. Gilgit’s strategic location and beautiful scenery make it the perfect base for family adventures.


Pakistan’s urban families offer a variety of experiences, from historical and cultural exploration to outdoor adventures and tranquillity. Each city has its charm, so families can find the best place to suit their interests and preferences [Family Friendly Cities to Visit]. Be it the highways of Lahore, the beautiful valleys of Swat or the historical monuments of Multan, Pakistan offers unforgettable memories to families who want to explore this beautiful and hospitable country.

Family Friendly Cities to Visit – FAQs:

Q1. Is the Pakistani family-friendly?

Ans: Pakistan is one of the most family-friendly countries. People here love children, and Pakistanis also enjoy living in big, close-knit families.

Q2. Which part of Pakistan is more beautiful?

Ans: Gilgit-Baltistan is famous for its beautiful landscape, glaciers, and rich heritage. Hunza Valley is known for its beautiful landscape, villages, and ancient heritage. Naran and Kagan Valley are known for their light green forests, clear water, and stunning scenery.

Q3. Which city in Pakistan is called “B beautiful City”?  

Ans: Islamabad is a modern city in Pakistan with a beautiful natural environment. Many people are exploring the beautiful laces of Islamabad.

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