Kashmir is a Beautiful Place in Pakistan

Kashmir is a beautiful place in Pakistan


Azad Kashmir lies in the northeast geographical area of Pakistan at the top of the map. It surrounds the lower Himalayan area. The weather is moderate throughout the year, and heavy monsoon rainfall occurs in the summers. It is pretty cold in the winter season. 

Kashmir has a distinct look, features, and culture. If you travel across all of Pakistan, you will learn that it is a rich cultural land, varying from city to city and province to province.

The list below highlights Kashmir’s most popular and beautiful places in Kashmir, Pakistan.

Neelum valley:

Kashmir is a beautiful place in Pakistan

Neelum Valley is a renowned name in most toured places in Kashmir, Pakistan. It is in a region 20km away from Muzaffarabad, and a 7 hrs drive from Islamabad. Neelum Valley has been given the prestigious title ‘paradise of Kashmir’ for its beautiful and mesmerizing views.

If you are a hiking lover, book a tour of Neelam Valley and stay at Keran Resort.  Neelum Valley serves beautiful views all day long. Lush green mountains surround it at 1524m above sea level. One gets to enjoy panoramic views of the mountains surrounding the valley.

You would spot the static and calming lakes among the mountains, and the renowned Neelum River provides relief through its natural soothing sound.

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While entering the Neelum Valley, you would want to stop at this vacation spot. It is situated 17km away from Muzaffarabad, about 30 min away. Here, you will find several places to indulge in exquisite Kashmiri breakfast [Kashmir is a beautiful place in Pakistan]. The breakfast serving style here is very unique. You get to be seated on the outskirts of the river’s rocky area from where your feet touch the refreshing, clean water while you enjoy breakfast on the local charpai, a four-feet knitted bed’.

There is a famous Marco Pollo restaurant in Patikka where you get scenic views of the river, the eye-soothing greenery, and the mountains. If you are en route to Neelum Valley, Patikka is an ideal place to take a break and relax.

You would find that the local homes are wood-based, and you could get a glimpse of local culture through the hotels. The scenes get even more gorgeous as you travel along. 

Banjosa valley:

Kashmir is a beautiful place in Pakistan

This location is at a high altitude of 5200 meters above the ground. The water in this lake is flowing from the Himalayas and is supplied to lower areas, including Gilgit and Skardu.

This place was historically a summer capital in 1840 of Raja Haji Gharib Nawaz and his family [Kashmir is a beautiful place in Pakistan]. If you are a nature enthusiast of lush green landscapes and snow-capped mountains, this place is for you.

You could enjoy boating in the banjoa lake, stroll around the lake, enjoy horse riding, and photograph yourself in a panoramic view of the beautiful imagery behind you. The red-hut houses are a classic in this valley.

You will feel close to birds and nature here, and it will remain a life-long memory for years to cherish.

Jehlum Valley:

Kashmir is a beautiful place in Pakistan

Jehlum Valley serves some dramatic views. It gives a magical feeling to the explorer, who has to pause and take in for a few seconds as soon as they arrive here.

It is a 39 km long valley along the river Jehlum. It is surrounded by alpine forests and snow-capped mountains hidden in the thick fog.  It is the most famous sight among tourists during summer and winter. You must always expect to see crowds here.

It is a 5-hour drive from Islamabad. Jehlum Valley is a treasure of Kashmir [Kashmir is a beautiful place in Pakistan]. You will find hotels on a reasonable budget when you enter Chikar. The path from here straight on leads to Chikoti.

The famous tourist spots here are Ganga Choti, Suddan Ghani, Cham waterfall, and Chikoti. These are some great hiking spots and have the best views. All these places are easily explored by car except Cham waterfall, which you have to explore by a wrangler locally called a jeep.

All these areas are accessible through local mobile networks. You have much to explore in Jhelum Valley, so save a day or two visiting all these places.

Ramkot Fort:

Kashmir is a beautiful place in Pakistan

Ramkot Fort is one adventure-filled location in Mirpur, Kashmir, accessible via three Dina, Daddy, and Mirpur routes. It was a centuries-old fort built around 1186 during the Ghurid dynasty by Sultan Ghiyas–ud–din.

It was a Hindu-populated area, as the temples and the name suggested. On the way to this fort, you could enjoy parasailing at the Mangla Dam, where boats lead to the Mangla fort.

The fort has an attractive entrance of 440 stairs leading to the main gate. The fort suggests areas of destruction and re-construction. Just a heads-up to avoid coming in the rainy season as the stairs could be slippery, and some are submerged in water [Kashmir is a beautiful place in Pakistan]. You would get to pause and feed yourself on the way as the way is quite long.

The main door is built from red bricks, and the fort is lit outside by fire, which looks spectacular at night. The fort is surrounded by water on the three sides, and rocky stairs lead to the 4th side.

If you like to visit rustic, aged buildings, then Ramkot Fort is a must-visit. The architectural plan of the fort was intricately designed thousands of years ago, and researchers have studied it to be constructed by profoundly knowledgeable architects. The water cleaning facility and the room architecture are evident in this theory.


Kashmir is a diverse cultural land full of ancient history. Toli Peer, Pir, Chinasi, Leepa Valley, Red Fort (Muzaffarabad Fort), and Shounter Lake are famous landmarks and staggering landscapes. It would help if you prepared yourself to be mesmerized by the phenomenal beauty that Kashmir carries within it [Kashmir is a beautiful place in Pakistan]. It is a treasure that is just waiting to be found. You will get to explore the majestic mountains as each is diverse and different from the other. The region of Kashmir has some valleys and lakes that one’s camera roll would need help to keep up.

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