Beautiful Noori Waterfall in Islamabad

Beautiful Noori Waterfall in Islamabad


Located in the serene Margalla Hills National Park, Noori Waterfall is a testament to the natural beauty and tranquility of Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. This beautiful waterfall is a popular tourist attraction and a beautiful sight enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Spread across lush greenery and rocky terrain, Noori Waterfall is a charming haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In this article, we will delve into the appeal of Nouri Waterfalls, discovering its history, significance, and the fascinating experience it offers anyone who dares to venture into its tranquil surroundings. 

History and Origin:  

Noori Waterfall takes its name from the legend of love and sacrifice associated with it. According to local legend, the waterfall was named after Noori, a beautiful and attractive woman living nearby. Noori falls in love with a shepherd named Qaisar, even though they belong to different classes. 

Social norms limit their love story, but their commitment to each other is unwavering. 

Despite the argument, Noori and Qaisar decided to escape and take shelter in the secluded valley of the Margalla Mountains [Noori Waterfall in Islamabad]. While seeking refuge in the rugged area, they encountered a hidden waterfall, Noori Falls. It is said that the couple found comfort and intimacy in the lap of nature, with the waterfall symbolizing their eternal love. 

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Geographical Features

From Margalla Hills, approximately 15 kilometers from the center of Islamabad, you can reach Noori Falls (Noori Falls), which has beautiful views along the way. The trek starts from the lovely village of Neela Sandh, where tourists enjoy an adventure with the forested and rocky landscape. The path to the waterfall offers a beautiful view of the surrounding wilderness, providing plenty of time for those who enjoy watching and taking photos. 

 As visitors explore the rugged terrain, they will hear the soothing sound of flowing water and the lush green leaves of the trees on Mount Margalla. Waterfall cascades from approximately 25 meters, creating a fascinating sight against rocky cliffs and lush vegetation. The crystal clear water of the waterfall creates a natural pool at its base, inviting visitors to dive into this pool. 

Ecological Importance

Apart from its beauty, Noori Falls is ecologically vital for the Margalla Hills ecosystem. The waterfalls are fresh water for local plants and animals and support many plant species and wildlife in the area. The surrounding forests and grasslands provide habitat for many bird species, including the colorful Himalayan mallard and the elusive golden mallard. 

Margalla Hills National Park, which includes Noori Waterfalls, is known for its rich biodiversity and conservation. The park is home to many animal and plant species protected by conservation projects to preserve Pakistan’s natural heritage. The presence of Noori Waterfall in the protected area emphasizes the importance of protecting the natural environment for the benefit of future generations.

Visitor Experience:

For adventure lovers and adventure seekers, visiting Noori Waterfalls can get you better than Islamabad city center [Noori Waterfall in Islamabad]. Trekking to the waterfalls is a beautiful opportunity to explore the beauty of the Margalla Hills, with the trekking trail leading to a lovely autumn embrace. Along the way, hikers encounter a variety of landscapes, from thick forests to rocky outcrops, each offering a unique view of the beautiful landscape.

When arriving at Noori Waterfall, visitors are greeted with the sight and sound of the waterfall. It creates peace in the wilderness. The natural pool at the waterfall’s base entertains tired hikers, inviting them into the cold, clear water. Many visitors choose to picnic next to the waterfall, enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings, and dine in nature’s splendor.

Preservation and Conservation Efforts

Noori Waterfall, the symbol of Margalla Hills National Park, is constantly in operation to preserve its beauty and ecological structure and provides labor savings. Local officials are working with environmental groups to take steps to reduce the impact of tourism on the fragile ecosystem around the falls. These efforts include the creation of hiking trails, waste management plans, and educational programs designed to promote responsible practices.

Additionally, advertising campaigns on the importance of environmental protection help raise management awareness among Noori Waterfall visitors. Through community engagement and community leadership, stakeholders are working to ensure the long-term survival of these beautiful treasures for future generations.


All this is an opportunity to witness the beauty of the natural landscape of Noori Waterfall, Islamabad. From its historical background to its ecological importance, the waterfall that dominates the heart of the Margalla Hills has become a haven for nature lovers and avid trekkers. As visitors begin their journey to this beautiful waterfall, they not only see the beauty of the waterfall but also establish a relationship with the rich tapestry of history and heritage that defines this lovely place.

In addition to its natural beauty, Noori Waterfall is a popular destination for bird watchers, allowing them to see many bird species in their natural habitat. The surrounding Margalla Hills is a bird sanctuary with attractions for ornithologists and nature lovers, such as the colorful Himalayan Monals, majestic Griffins, and the elusive Eurasian Sparrowhawks [Noori Waterfall in Islamabad]. Noori Waterfall can be viewed during the day and provides a magical experience under the stars. Night hiking in autumn offers a different feeling, as the soft moon illuminates the cascading water and surrounding leaves, enhancing the quiet environment and creating a pleasant atmosphere for night adventurers.

Also, Noori Falls is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as camping and meetings, offering visitors a unique opportunity to get in touch with nature and enjoy the camaraderie of friends in the wilderness of Islamabad’s Margalla Hills.

Noori Waterfall in Islamabad – FAQS

What is the height of Noori Waterfall?

About 10 feet Nallah Road, Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan Noori Falls is a waterfall in Thiar Village, Haripur District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. It is approximately 85 kilometers (53 miles) from Islamabad. The waterfall is approximately 10 meters high.

What is the history of Noori Waterfall?

The elders of the neighboring village helped a woman named Noor Bibi, who fell into the pool under the waterfall. Some say the waterfall takes its name from its white color at night. However, some believe that the waterfall was named after the Noori tribe, a now-extinct tribe.

What is the hidden waterfall in Pakistan?

Pir Ghaib Waterfall, Balochistan. Visit the hidden gem of Pir Ghaib Waterfall, which is hidden in the Balochistan landscape. You will be amazed by the magnificent views of Pakistan.

Which river is Noori Cave on?

Poonch River Noori Champ is a waterfall on the Poonch River in the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is named after the Mughal Queen Nur Jahan.

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