12 Famous Places to Visit in Skardu

Places to visit in Skardu


Located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, Skardu is a beautiful place known for its beauty, rich heritage and historical significance. Situated at the highest point of the Karakorum Mountains, this enchanting valley offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and adventure. From serene lakes to lush green valleys, from ancient forts to local culture, Skardu captures the hearts of all visitors. In this blog, we will showcase the best of this beautiful region by exploring twelve must-visit places in Skardu.

Shangrila Resort (Lower Kachura Lake):

Shangri-La Resort, often called “Heaven on Earth,” is beautiful and 20 minutes from Skardu City. Located around Lower Kachura Lake, the resort provides breathtaking views of the neighbouring mountains and crystal-clear waters. Its peaceful location and charming wooden cabins make it the perfect place to relax and unwind. The iconic red-roofed cottages and lush greenery surrounding the lake add to the resort’s appeal and make it a must-visit place in Skardu.

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Deosai National Park:

Places to visit in Skardu
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Deose National Park, known as the “Land of Giants”, is one of the highest mountains in the world with an average height of 4,114 meters. The park is known for its rich biodiversity, including Himalayan brown bears, golden marmots and many bird species [Places to visit in Skardu]. During the summer, the park is filled with vibrant wildflowers that create a dazzling carpet of colour. The breathtaking views and serenity of Deose make it an unforgettable experience for lovers.

Satpara Lake:

Satpara Lake is a bright blue lake fed by the Satpara River, about 9 km south of Skardu. In addition to being an important reservoir for the region, the lake also provides a peaceful environment for visitors. Surrounded by rugged mountains and lush greenery, Satpara Lake is a great location for fishing, boating, and picnicking. The lake’s flat and clear water reflects the majestic mountain peaks, creating a fascinating view.

Skardu Fort:

Skardu Fort, also known as Kharpocho Fort, is a historical fort overlooking the city of Skardu. Built by the Maqpon dynasty, it is located on a hill and has magnificent views of the entire Skardu Valley. The buildings’ tactical positioning and attractive castle layout reveal their historical importance. Exploring the castle gives an insight into the rich history of the area and the ancient defensive techniques used by its inhabitants.

Sheosar Lake:

Places to visit in Skardu
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Sheosar Lake is located in Deosai National Park and is one of the highest lakes in Pakistan. The lake is famous for its clear water and views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. The lake’s beautiful scenery makes it an excellent place for camping and photography [Places to visit in Skardu]. The lake surroundings are also home to a wide variety of wildlife and offer the opportunity to witness nature in its purest form.

Manthoka Waterfall:

Located in Kharmang Valley, Manthokha Waterfalls is a beautiful sight that attracts tourists. The waterfall flows from a height of up to 180 meters and creates a beautiful view. Given the abundance of flora surrounding the lake and rugged cliffs, it is ideal for picnics and nature walks. The sound of flowing water and cool air is soothing.

Khaplu Palace:

Khaplu Palace, also known as Yabgo Khar, is an ancient palace and fortress in Khaplu. This architectural masterpiece was built as the royal residence of Khaplu Raja in the mid-19th century. The palace has been converted into a historical hotel, preserving its fascinating and magnificent history. Visitors can explore the palace’s beautifully restored rooms, gardens, and courtyards and see the area’s wealthy heritage.

Upper Kachura:

Lake Upper Kachura Lake near Shangri-La Resort is another gem in the Skardu region. The lake is rarely visited, which gives it a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Surrounded by high mountains and dense forests, its deep blue waters create a calm and beautiful atmosphere. It’s the perfect lake for boating, fishing, and enjoying natural beauty in a peaceful environment.

Shigarh Fort:

Shigarh Fort, also known as Fong-Khar, meaning “Palace on the Rock”, is a 400-year-old fort that has been painstakingly renovated and transformed into a luxurious hotel. Located in the Shigarh Valley, the fort uniquely blends traditional Balti architecture and modern amenities [Places to visit in Skardu]. Visitors can explore the castle’s historical monuments and beautifully landscaped gardens and enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. Siegel Castle offers a glimpse into the region’s royal history and architectural heritage.

Cold Desert:

Places to visit in Skardu
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The Skardu Cold Desert, also known as the Katpana Desert, is among the world’s highest deserts. Its unique landscape features vast sand dunes against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. The contrast between the barren desert and the surrounding greenery and glaciers is truly remarkable. It is wonderful to experience the desert, especially in the morning or evening when the light creates beautiful patterns on the sand dunes.

Basho Valley:

Basho Valley is a hidden gem located approximately 20 kilometres from Skardu. This lush green valley is famous for its dense forests, winding streams, and lush green meadows. The valley offers excellent opportunities for hiking, camping, and trout fishing [Places to visit in Skardu]. Banana Valley’s pristine natural beauty and tranquillity make it the perfect destination for those looking to escape city life and connect with nature.

Hushu Valley:

Places to visit in Skardu
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Hushu Valley is another beautiful and peaceful place close to Skardu city. The valley is well-known for its orchards of apples, rice terraces, and traditional Balti villages. The simple and rustic lifestyle of the local friends and people living in the valley allows us to see the land’s rich heritage land’s rich heritage. Hushu Valley is ideal for hiking, cultural exploration and experiencing the hospitality of the Balti people.


Skardu offers many attractions, combining natural beauty and profound cultural heritage to give every visitor a unique and fascinating experience. From serene lakes to majestic peaks to rich history in forts and palaces, Skardu is a treasure trove waiting to be explored [Places to visit in Skardu]. If you are looking for adventure, peace or culture, Skardu can give you an unforgettable experience. Plan your visit to this beautiful valley and immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of Skardu.

Places to visit in Skardu – FAQs:

Q1. Is Skardu more beautiful than Hunza?

Ans: Located in the heart of the enchanting Gilgit Baltistan region, Skardu shines like a diamond, dwarfing the nearby destination Hunza. The reasons behind Skardu’s dominance are as many as the landscapes that define this beautiful region.

Q2. What is Skardu famous for?

Ans: Skardu has some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. K2 has Broad Peak, Nanga Parbat and Gasherbrum. These four peaks are famous worldwide, and tourists come to Skardu to experience this beauty and leave beautiful memories in this land.

Q3. What is the best time to visit Skardu?

Ans: Late Spring (April to June): The nice weather and melting snow in winter made the roads and walks easier. Since the temperature is moderate, outdoor pursuits, such as trekking, climbing, and vacationing, are possible.

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