Best Places to Visit in Balochistan

Best Places to Visit in Balochistan


If you are drawn towards rocky, rugged mountainous areas, Balochistan is one top suggestion for you. This is the most versatile province of Pakistan where you will find lush green terrain, beaches, wildlife, adventure-filled pathways, stunning lakes, and diverse Baloch culture.

Balochistan has versatile temperature ranges. In summers, which begin in late May and end in September in Balochistan, the temperatures can go as high as 42 degrees C ° (109 F °). In winter, you could expect snowfall from December to March.

It is one of the provinces of Pakistan that is most underrated. For people tired of crowded places, it is an ideal location. Tourists usually go to cyber Pakhtunkhwa province or northern areas of Punjab, such as Murree, leaving Balochistan less crowded and quiet.

Balochistan is one of a kind and is quite large, with an area of 347,190 km², forming 43% of the total area of Pakistan.

1. Gwadar:

Best Places to Visit in Balochistan

Gwadar is for travelers in search of a colorful experience. Recently, this place has gained a lot of tourist attraction. It’s a port city on the southwestern coast of the Pakistani province of Balochistan. It has the most transparent and cleanest beaches because it is rarely visited.

You could enjoy a marine experience through boating or fishing. One popular destination in Gawadar is Koh-e-Batil, a hill 470 feet from the ground from where one can catch spectacular views of Gwadar and the sea view.

Enjoy the dazzling beauty of Gwadar on this hill and wait for the sunset for the most stunning views [Best places to visit in Balochistan]. Gwadar is picturesque, providing splendid views all the time around that you are there.

Another place to visit is the Fort of Gwadar, built under Omani rule, a time in history before 1958. The fort speaks of the cultural diversity of Arab rule. Although it is still in ruins, some areas are still in good condition.

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2. Khuzdar:

Khudzar is a beautiful city in the Balochistan province with an interestingly rich history. This 3rd largest city lies along the serene Kolachi River, which adds to the mesmerizing views of this city. Additionally, it is surrounded by orchards, which provide a natural landscape for this city. Waterfalls are the top tour destination here.

The temperatures here go up as high as 43(109.4 F) degrees in summer, and the coldest temperature is -6 to -8 degrees Celsius (24.6 F to 18) from December to February [Best places to visit in Balochistan]. The ideal time to visit Balochistan is autumn and summer if you do not like extreme temperatures.

There are ruins of 4 forts in Khuzdar, a heritage for this city, built by the arab governors in the past. These forts needed to be destroyed to protect the area from invasion, and a new fort was constructed on Halawai Peak, named after the same peak now called Halwai Peak Fort.

Later, this fort was destroyed due to natural disasters, and a new fort was built in the present area called Shahi Bagh.

3. Ziarat:

Best Places to Visit in Balochistan

Ziarat is a breathtaking city that lies 130 km away from Quetta, the provincial town of Balochistan.  Ziarat has its fame from the popular residency place of the founder of Pakistan, who resided here in his last days of illness.

The city not only has a rich history but also is beyond stunning. It serves a beautiful, serene environment.

The best time to visit is sunrise; when the sun’s rays hit the Ziarat sky, it forms a majestic view that which must not be missed by anyone coming to see the breathtaking city of ziarat.

Another must-visit place is Ziarat’s iconic University of Balochistan, built in an impeccable shade of turtle green.

To get the best tourist experience, dress up in local Balochi clothing and visit everything like a local. The costume here is unique and picture-worthy. It would help you blend in, be highly appreciated by the locals, and get a chance to participate in local customs and activities.

4. Wadi-e-bolan:

It would help if you aced your belts when crossing through Wadi-e-bolan because this place is an exquisitely breathtaking one-of-a-kind landscape.

If you are someone like me who loathes the dusty, rugged mountainous climate here, you will find jagged peaks, irregular, weathered surfaces of rocks, and the display of beautiful natural, intricate textures; you should visit Wadi-e-Bolan.

The name is very poetic, an Arabic word describing a valley, usually dry. Wadi-e-Bolan represents a raw and untouched beauty that has formed after centuries.

It is a delicate beauty, all the while being sturdy [Best places to visit in Balochistan].  If you like to tour local natural unique places, wadi-e-Bolan should be on your bucket list.

Another fun fact is that a tunnel has been cut through its mountains to create Bolan Pass, a trade route between Pakistan and its neighboring countries.

5. Hingol National Park:

Best Places to Visit in Balochistan

Hingol National Park has several diverse and gorgeous locations that are sure to make your trip memorable. Get ready for nostalgia because Hingol National Park has beautiful naturally carved mountains and mesmerizing terrain.

You would see repeating patterns in the mountains, which would be similar despite being different. You will enjoy hiking trails on these mountains, so remember to bring your gear. It could be spotted here.

Also, get yourself prepared to see some wildlife here [Best places to visit in Balochistan]. You would get to see even the endangered species. Leopards, jackals, marsh crocodiles, migratory birds, and hundreds of rare species. This place is home to about 300 different types of plants. Get plenty of time for Hingol National Park, which is about 3-4 hours of sightseeing.

Best places to visit in Balochistan – FAQs:

Q1. What is the specialty of Balochistan?

Ans: Balochistan’s specialty is Gwadar Port, Amara, and Pasni, along with other coastal areas that get the most attention from customers. Hiking is another specialty of Balochistan.

Q2. What is Balochistan’s famous food?

Ans: The most well-known cuisine of Balochistan includes Dumpukht, Sajji, and Kaak. The Balochi way of cooking is one of a kind. Balochistan supplies the best dry fruits to the whole country.

Q3. Can you travel to balochistan?

Ans: Travelling in Balochistan is generally safe. The authorities and the locals take good care of foreigners. Tourists are not allowed to travel to some high-risk areas of Balochistan because of military activity. If it is essential to travel, get the authority’s permission, and they will arrange security for you.

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