Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family

Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family


Family tours are some of the lifelong memories that we always remember. It is a gift parents could give their children and is undoubtedly the most cherished one. Who can take advantage of the nostalgic memories of visiting grandparents’ homes on Eid and other special occasions?

We as parents might think that the younger ones are not that invested in outdoor family activities, but that is not the case. When they grow up, all they talk about is their childhood memories, and family tours are one of them.

The guidance, care, and belonging one feels when visiting with one’s family is unbeatable. Even as adults, one hardly finds such intimate relationships with friends or colleagues. It is a pro-tip for parents to see the beautiful destinations in your country before their children make them with someone else on school trips.

How Pakistan is the perfect destination to visit:

Budget-friendly, ethereal destinations, rich culture, diverse landscapes, varying climates, different ethnicities with different languages!! Where else would one find all of these things under one umbrella? These are some of the countless benefits available at your convenience when you visit Pakistan.

It’s unimaginable how diverse Pakistan is. It is a vast country with an area of 881,913 square kilometers, more significant than France and the United Kingdom combined [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family]. It connects its borders to India, China, Afghanistan, Iran, and Tajikistan.

One would find beaches in the southern area of Pakistan that connect to the Arabian Sea, or if you are a mountaineer, you will discover snow-capped lush green mountains in the top North and North-West and rocky mountains in the southwest of Balochistan. You would find desert climates in the Punjab and Sindh areas, and if you want to visit at your convenience, you could visit Punjab, which has a flat and fertile landscape.

The Himalayas mountain range stretches across the extreme southeast corner of Pakistan. These are some of the earth’s highest peaks. Moreover, K-2, the 2nd tallest mountain on earth at 8,611 meters above sea level, is located at the border edge of Pakistan in the Karakoram mountain range.

All these locations have their own set of warm, hot, and cold temperatures, and one would choose according to their and their family’s preference.

The following mentions some of the best locations to travel to with one’s family in Pakistan.

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Salt range and Khewra mine:

Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family
Image Source – Google | Image By – Commons.wikimedia

Do caves and mines interest you? How about an artificial mine? It is one of the largest artificial mines. It is located north of Punjab and extends north of the Jhelum River. The Salt Range, located within the Khewra range, is one of the many wonderful jaw-dropping places you could visit with your family in Pakistan.

It is one of the many unique things about Pakistan. This mine is made up of 98% pure salt. It is the source of salt that is exported in and out of Pakistan. It stretches about 300 kilometers and formed some 800 million years ago from the evaporation of the sea.

The area of the salt range is rich in discovering fossils of several plants and animals dating back 18 million years ago. Within the salt range, you would find historical sites relevant to the political history of Alexander the Great, the Mughal Empire era, sikh rule, and British colonial rule [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family]. You would even find a culture of stone tool makers here. Vendors at Khewra Mine offer salt-made souvenirs, including salt lamps and decoration pieces made of salt, which are available for purchase at economical prices.

Inside Khewra mine, you would find caves made of pink salt with beautiful flowing patterns of light pink, white, and dark pink. It leaves one awe-struck. Expect rising temperatures inside. 


Located in Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu is a significant tourist site flocked with crowds year-round. In summer, most visitors come from hot areas of Punjab province looking to unwind in the cooler climate of Skardu.

You would find professional trekkers and mountaineers coming to climb the world’s tallest mountain peaks.

Attabad lake:

Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family
Image Source – Google | Image By – Commons.wikimedia

Located in the Gilgit-Batistan region, Attabad Lake offers your family mesmerizing and memorable photo views; one could go boating or jet-skiing. Mountains surround the lake, and it has a beautiful shade of ice-blue color that is soothing to the eyes [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family]. These colors are the crushed minerals formed from the mountains surrounding the lake.

It has dramatic views, and the lake is frozen in winter. You would find several accommodations suited to your and your family’s needs.

Masjid Wazir Khan:

Masjid Wazir Khan is a historical religious sanctuary in the city of Lahore. This 17th-century mosque was built under the rule of Mughal emperor Shah Jehan, who contributed to Lahore’s beautiful architecture.

It is a beautiful site with intricate miniature works of well-known Mughal artists. The material is one of the best and most expensive of its time and is even more valuable now. It has intricate faience tile work and frescos of Mughal emperors. The exterior of this mosque is embellished with miniature Persian-style kash-kari work.  

Daman e Koh:

Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family

It is a picture-worth garden located in Margals Hills, Islamabad. If your family loves adventure, you should know it is some 2100-22400 ft above sea level. It gives you a panoramic view of Islamabad; it is a beautiful sight at night. The area below looks like it is gazing at stars.

It would help if you climbed the slopes to reach Daman-e: Koh, so be prepared for the breathtaking adventure. Hikers could choose to climb the mountain instead of the leading pathway. It is an ideal place to go with your family [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family]. You would find a lot of food stops on the way while taking in fresh breaths and enjoying the enchanting views of the lush green hills.

Best places to visit in Pakistan with family – FAQs

Q1. How many tourists visit Pakistan every year?

Ans: Pakistan was visited by 1.91 million tourists in 2022. This number is rising every year with the increasing popularity of it recently. Pakistan saw an increase of 115% in tourism in 2023.

Q2. Is it cheap to travel to Pakistan?

Ans: Pakistan, one of the cheapest countries to live in, is undoubtedly affordable to travel. 365$ for one person, but you can be creative and do your thorough research to find even more affordable rates.

Q3.What is the crime rate in Pakistan?

Ans: According to Macrotrends, the statistics show that the Pakistan crime rate in 2021 was 3,98%, and in 2022 was a 100% decline from the previous year.

Q4. What is the best time to visit Pakistan?

Ans: Northern areas are best to visit from May to September, and the other regions are best to travel from October to April.

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