Faisalabad Famous Places to Visit That Attract Visitors

Faisalabad Famous Places to Visit


Faisalabad, one of Pakistan’s most significant industrial units and home to several textile industries, is a 2-hour drive from Lahore. It is the second-largest city and third-most populous one in all of Pakistan. It was called Lyall Pur until 1977, when you would have heard your grandparents or parents mention it by its previous name.

It was previously named after the founder of a British lieutenant who was also the governor of Punjab, Charles James Lyall. The city was renamed in honor of the late King of Saudi Arabia, Shah Faisal Abdul Aziz.

Being one of the largest cities in Pakistan, the city is well-developed with easy-to-commute roads and pathways. The town is unique and has a rich heritage and culture. When Pakistan was not an independent country and was under the control of the British, the city was of great significance and value.

Faisalabad was one of the first cities to be planned under the British development project for All India.  The city still is a treasure for the government of Pakistan. According to the Faisalabad Development Authority, the city is responsible for a 20.5 billion GDP value, which is 10% of all of Punjab province.

It is situated in the predominantly plain area of Punjab. Faisalabad has a population of 3 million. It is fertile land in Rachna doab, between the rivers Ravi and Chenab. An area of 5856 square km borders it.

The reason why this city is super wealthy and famous is its location. It has a central location that connects it to further main cities of Punjab, allowing easy transportation through connecting roads, railways, and air transportation.

Faisalabad’s international airport on Jhang Road is southwest of the city and was constructed in 1942. Early on, the British recognized the importance of this city, and in 1958, it was remodeled. Recently, in 2018, new terminals were added as requested by several wealthy Faisalabad residents who often need to travel in and out of the country.

There are many things to do at Faisalabad. Exploring the city is nothing but a great experience. The following list mentions some of the best ones.

1. Eight bazaars:

Faisalabad Famous Places to Visit

Pakistanis have a massive fondness for shopping. There is a reason there are eight spectacular bazaars in Faisalabad. These bazaars surround the ‘ghanta ghar,’ which is a famous landmark in the city. Each of these has a specialty; you would find several of the shops in the same category.

The primary purr bazaar market is well-known for stationery and interior décor [Faisalabad famous places to visit]. Those looking to buy stationery go to Amin Pur Bazaar. Home renovators also flock here for the best variety and rates.

Kharkhana Bazar is famous for herbal medicines—those who believe that ‘nature is the cure to all diseases’ head to this bazaar.

You can find some categories in Montgomery Bazaar. It is open for long hours of the day because shoppers don’t stop coming here. Furthermore, there are Bhowana Bazaar, Rail Bazaar, Chiniot Bazaar, Jhang Bazaar, and Katchery Bazaar, each having their specialty.

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2. D ground:

It is the primary commercial market in a D-shape. Many shopping malls and branded outlets can be found here. A critical feature of this location is Radio Pakistan, which covers half its area. It is a national public broadcaster for radio. It is the oldest broadcasting channel in Pakistan’s history. It has existed there since the official independence day of Pakistan, 14th August 1947. Radio Pakistan has the honor of announcing official independence from Britain. The announcement is mentioned here:

3. Gumti Fountain:

Its historical relevance makes it a salient structural landmark getting the tourist attraction it deserves. It has been standing here since the 1800s. Gumti Fountain was a community center where people would gather to discuss new matters, make decisions, or just come together for a relaxing chit-chat.

It still stands in all its glory, once the vibrant heart of town is reminiscent of history [Faisalabad famous places to visit]. Today, he is considered just a monument. Its inaudible walls whisper the echoes of the past when this place was the city’s go-to place for exchanging laughter and beautiful conversations.

4. Jinnah garden:

Faisalabad Famous Places to Visit

Jinnah Garden is a long, spacious landscape with paved walkways and many greens. It is an excellent attraction for families who want to spend a day out for a picnic. Kids love to come here to play in the expansive playgrounds. It is one of the oldest parks in the area, with a monument to James BroadwoodLyall’s statue, the man whom Lyallpur was named.

5. Lyallpur museum:

Being rich in history, Faisalabad has a museum that contains some of the oldest artifacts and paintings of renowned artists. Museums are the best resource for educational information.

Lyallpur Museum is the custodian of the heritage and covers details of significant events in Faisalabad history [Faisalabad famous places to visit]. It reflects the glory of the city and has historical significance. It was established in 2011. The museum has ten galleries, each carrying documents from different periods.

Those ten galleries are the Orientation Gallery Regional Heritage, Archaeological Gallery, Chenab Colony Gallery, Sandal Bar Gallery, Thought and Act Gallery, and Pakistan Movement Gallery. Social Beauty Gallery, Muslim to Sikh Period Gallery, Textile Gallery, and Lyallpur Gallery.

6. Fun Dunya:

Faisalabad Famous Places to Visit

Located on Jund Road, about 3 km on the city’s outskirts, it is a cheerful and fun place for kids and young adults. There, you would find thrilling rides, kiddy rides, a Huge Soft Play area, and 4XD rides. The good thing is that the ticket price is reasonable.

This family-friendly famous place allows you to relax for a pocket-friendly day for young ones [Faisalabad famous places to visit]. The air in this amusement park is filled with an exhilarating hum. You could visit it at the end of the day if you like crowds and a lively atmosphere.

Faisalabad famous places to visit – FAQs:

Q1. What else is Faisalabad famous for?

Ans: It is not just a textile hub but is also known for home furnishings, home décor, and furniture. The language that is most often spoken is Punjabi here.

Q2. Why is Faisalabad called Manchester of Pakistan?

Ans: There is an extensive list of famous historical places here, which are the oldest in Pakistan’s history and date back to the 1800s.

Q3. Is it expensive to live in Faisalabad?

Ans: No, Faisalabad is just as affordable as other main cities of Pakistan. Being the cheapest country to live in, Faisalabad is also budget-friendly. Although, it could be slightly more expensive than in less-known cities.

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