Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family in Winter

Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family in Winter


As winter approaches, one is left wondering if one can still go sightseeing. Often, we think that we won’t be able to enjoy nice places if we are stuffed with clothes and fully packed. To get out of the box, one needs to leave these thoughts behind and begin their discovery. They will soon find out that winters in Pakistan are just as ethereal as any other season.

Winters have a different look. The landscapes that give stunning and mesmerizing views in summer can not be dull in winter either. You could view white-washed snow-covered scenery, see the magical appearance of frosty trees, enjoy freshly fallen snow, and play snow games with your family. Vacations in winter are days to remember. These are some highly cherished and unforgettable memories for the whole family.

Places to Visit:

Below is a list of very low-temperature areas to very mild-temperature areas to visit during winter.


For those who don’t mind the cold and would rather spend the chilly and lovely winters visiting cold areas. It would be best if you headed towards Chitral. Located in the KPK province of Pakistan, Chitral is ideal for families [Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family in Winter]. Families could visit Tirich Mir, Chitral Museum, shahi masjid, Shahi Qila or Garam Chashma and savour delicious food in Chitral and get to explore the rich culture visible through the food, clothing, architecture and living style of this ethnicity.

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Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family in Winter

If you want to explore Pakistan in winter without feeling very cold, you could visit Karachi, the mildest temperature zone. Because of its coastal region, you won’t feel too cold here.

Karachi is famous for its beaches, and Clifton Beach is the most popular among them. The beach is quite long, stretching from Karachi city to Ormara, in Balochistan province. In Karachi, the top spots are the Quaid-e-Azam Memorial, Mohatta Palace, and Frere Hall, all of which offer great architecture and intricate building views.

Lahore Fort:

Lahore Fort is a testimony to the lavish lifestyle of Mughal Emperors. Built by Shah Jehan, the ruler of his time, the Lahore fort was the most secure residence of the King. When you visit with your family, book a tour guide for the best experience and the history of the luxury lifestyle of the Mughal Empire.

Nathia Gali:

Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family in Winter

Among hill stations in Pakistan, Nathia Gali is the most popular. It is usually flocked by visitors in both summer and winter. It is about 30 kilometres from Murree. You would find a variety of forests to get a snow-covered experience of trees [Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family in Winter]. There are various species of wildlife that kids would love to discover.

You will also find different ethnic groups and tribes here. There are a number of resorts where your family can stay.

Kalam Valley:

It is locatedIt is located in Swat, along the banks of the Swat River. It is 99 km from Mingora. This valley is 2000m above sea level, and the temperatures here could go up to -7.6. It is a number of lakes where water comes directly from melted glaciers. In winter, you are likely to find them frozen; the ice could go, so think that one could even walk inside the lake.

Cholistan Desert:

Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family in Winter

If the sight of camels and powdery granules of dust attracts you, you should add the Cholistan desert to your bucket list. This desert is located in Punjab province and extends to Sindh. For those who have never visited a desert before, Cholistan is a charm with its wide beauty [Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family in Winter]. Winters are ideal for visiting this place, as it could get really hot in summer.

You would get to see the ethnic beauty of Cholistan and people carving their water containers, locally known as ‘ghara’, to fill their water from public places as there is a shortage of rain. You could buy local crafts as souvenirs, such as hand-woven and leather crafts.

Emporium Mall:

It is a shopping centre in Lahore ideal for winters as it gets warm with the large number of crowds who come here to shop. You would find well-known names of local and international brands. It is popular for a wide variety of food chains located on the second floor, the food court.

It is a huge mall with plenty of parking. You could spot some small brands with specialized niches.   

Lahore Museum:

How about an indoor space where you could have fun and save yourself from the chilly weather outside? It is perfect for families and kids who would be delighted to learn about the vast history of Pakistan. I say this because, as a kid, I loved museums.

It has artefacts from the colonial period, the Mughal period, the 3000-year-old Indus civilization, and the historically significant details of the Pakistan movement. In the coins gallery, you will also find all the coins used in Pakistan’s history.

Pakistan Air Force Museum:

A museum is a parallel tour spot for a family. Located in Sindh, it houses fighter aircraft, weapons, and radar used by the Pakistan Air Force [Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family in Winter]. It also contains aircraft used by late government officials and some scale models of aircraft used in World Wars I and II.

Mohenjo Daro:

One of the most well-designed and planned cities of Mohenjo Daro is a 3000-year-old civilization. This place has received a lot of attention. Families can explore the ruins and discover the artefacts found among them. It was one of the largest cities of the Indus civilization [Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family in Winter]. One can discover two main halls of assembly, a residential area, and a well-designed water system with drains and sanitation.

The city was destroyed by natural disasters such as floods, which occurred more than once.


There is a lot to do in winter. Generally, winters in Pakistan are not too chilly. In most areas, temperatures do not go beyond -7 degrees. One could easily visit with family.

Best Places to Visit in Pakistan With Family in Winter – FAQs:

Q1. What is the difference between Harrappa and Mohenjo Daro?

Ans: Mohenjo daro is in Punjab and harrapa is in Sindh. These were the two main centres of the Indus civilisation.

Q2. Why was Mohenjo Daro so named?

Ans: Mohenjo daro means ‘the mound of the dead’. Floods destroyed the city, and it is said that the whole civilisation was buried inside.

Q3. What is the old name of Pakistan?

Ans: Its old name is ‘Pakistan,’ which Chaudhary Rehmat Ali named it in the Pakistan movement.

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