Best Places to Vsit in Pakistan With Family in Summer

Best Places to Vsit in Pakistan With Family in Summer

Pakistan is a huge country. When you plan to visit, you will find places to visit for every season. There are several stunning places that are worth watching in various climates. If you and your family members can not tolerate high temperatures, you could choose to visit the upper region of Pakistan, where the areas are at a high altitude, and the temperatures are low to minimal in summer.

If you think you are a rigorous traveler and high temperatures would not affect you, fasten your belt, as Pakistan has unlimited places to visit. But we are giving you a heads-up because the temperatures could go beyond 48 degrees Celsius. So get your family in confidence already and prepare yourself for the hot climates.

However, today, we will be sharing summer-friendly and family-friendly places in Pakistan to visit.

Shakarparian National Park:

Located near Islamabad, Shakarparian is a hill and a national park. Inaugurated in 1960, the park offers an evergreen, eye-soothing landscape and a good climate, as this huge area of 350 acres is around 2000 feet above sea level.

Along with natural beauty, one would also find delightful city views of the capital city, Islamabad. Islamabad itself is special as it is one of the well-planned cities of Pakistan. It is highly important as the capital, and you are likely to find the most developed locations here. The city is always given special attention.

This place is ideal for families as after visiting all the places here, you could organize your picnic here [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family in summer]. If alone one could lay in the grass and relish a good atmosphere under the tree shades. There are paved paths for a stroll and also used jogging tracks because who wouldn’t want to jog around among the beautiful areas?

The park has no ticket fee, but there is a ticket fee of Rs.600 at the Pakistan Monument, and it opens up at 8 in the morning so that the early risers can enjoy the places before it is flocked by other visitors. There are play areas for kids here, and the families could be at ease as their kids would be enjoying this place.

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Pakistan monument:

Pakistan is rich in history. At this historical place, there is a magnificent white marble structure designed by professionals of its time. This building was built in commemoration of this country’s independence from the subcontinent.

The building has a Mughal architecture designed by renowned architect Arif Masoud. There are marble and granite works on this monument, which is a four curve-standing structure with three small-sized standing structures symbolizing the unity of Pakistani people who made a lot of sacrifices to build Pakistan. 

The petal-shaped structures standing firm together represent the provinces of Pakistan and their culture [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family in summer]. On these petals, there is a detail of Mughal architecture called ‘muqarnas,’ which refers to the rich history of this country and is an ode to the Muslim Mughal empire, which ruled India and Pakistan for centuries.

Pakistan Monument Museum:

Just along the Pakistan monument, you would find a museum that highlights important events before and after Pakistan’s formation. Here, you will find a reference library with its own audio and visual archives. It would be a delight for kids, giving them sensory details. There is also a conference hall and an auditorium hall called Panaroma Hall, used both for public and official events.

Café and Yogi Yaus:

Best Places to Vsit in Pakistan With Family in Summer

When you and your family are done with sight-seeing and get exhausted after walking large distances in this 350-acre park, you will need refreshments. Find the heritage café Yogi Haus, built in 1969. Along with this, you would find other cafés and restaurants where you could get flavourful local meals or snacks and immerse yourself further in the local culture.

Lake View Park Islamabad:

This amusement park in Islamabad is located next to Raval Lake. You and your family will find many activities to do here. It is 80 feet above the ground.

First of all, this park is known for housing the largest aviary park. It is a large enclosure for birds, and it houses 4000 birds from 300 different species. You would also find many ideal picnic locations in this park because when you are with family, a picnic is not an option; it is essential! You would find a sitting pagoda here for you to relax and sit.

Other activities include an ibex club and a rock climbing gym for enthusiasts, a motorsports ranch, a festival arena where concerts are usually happening, and a passenger road train to take you along to other activities in this vast area [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family in summer]. A family could team up for paintball and have the fun of a lifetime. Your teamwork skills would show up here. If you have a small family, you could team up with other families also looking for partners.

As you assumed, there is a boating area to enjoy the lake view, go fishing, or just enjoy the serene views of the lake. The horse riding area and swimming pool are some of the other family-friendly things to do here. If you want to go separately, you could leave your kids at the children’s play area and go for a horse ride. There is an M1 Traxx and a Carousel here for unlimited fun.

Lake Saif ul Muluk:

It is one of the most toured places in Pakistan. It serves spectacular views and is an ideal place for family tours. Lake Saif ul Muluk is around 9 kilometers long and 113 feet deep. You would love to come here in summer as the temperature Is quite low because this area is 3,224 meters above sea level [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family in summer]. Located in Naran City, Jheel Saif ul Muluk has to be accessed by a thrilling hike, which is ideal for a family or for getting a jeep ride to get through the rugged terrain.

The water is a beautiful gradient of greens and blues, offering breathtaking views. This lake has interesting stories associated with it, which we won’t reveal to you. If you are a tourist, you should consult the locals. It is named after a prince who lived here and is the protagonist in the stories.

Apart from the lake, there are several tourist places here, like the Saiful Muluk National Park, the adventure-filled bridge of this jheel, and the mountain ranges of Malika Parbat [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family in summer]. When you are done visiting all of them, you will find several famous places to stay here, like the Al-Cazar Fort Hotel, Faletti’s Grand Naran, Grey Wall mountain huts, white house hotel, and many more which are near the areas of Jheel Saif ul Muluk. These hotels serve spectacular views both day and night.

Babusar Top:

Best Places to Vsit in Pakistan With Family in Summer

Located north of Kaghan Valley, Babusar is also in the upper colder region of Pakistan. You will feel the real winters here. Many locals from warmer areas of Pakistan come to see the beautiful views through Babusar top. It is located in Babusar Valley at N-15 National Highway.

The weather is nice most of the time. It could get rainy any minute, so be prepared with your umbrellas and raincoats. It is at 4,173 metres above sea level making it the highest point in Kaghan. It is a mountain pass, also known as Babusar Pass [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family in summer]. There are a lot of tours coming here for young adults and adults. It is also ideal for families. If you are visiting Hunza and Naran in general, you must see this mountain pass. You would relish the gorgeous views of the valley below.

It is ideal for photography as this is the best way to create memories for families. If you do not have very young kids, you could take your family for a hike for the best views of this valley.


Best Places to Vsit in Pakistan With Family in Summer

Also, 3000 metres above sea level, Lalazar is a worth-visit area in summer with family. It is an area of pure nature and greenery.  It is located in Bansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, and also in Kaghan Valley. One could hike here or go trekking among the beautiful landscape views.

Lalazar, in the local language, means ‘land of flowers.’ It also has an interesting story associated with it [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family in summer]. The romantic tale entails details of love and sacrifice for a girl named Lals Afghan Sohni, so the name. The boy named Sohni was known to meet her at his place.

Path to Lala can be dangerous in rainy weather so get an expert driver for your family tour or book a package where experts would guide you. Among many things to do, you could go fishing in Salazar Lake, camping, or get a ride in a hot air balloon [Best places to visit in Pakistan with family in summer]. There are several accommodation options which you would find budget-friendly even for families. You could get premium services at hotels and if you want to indulge yourselves in local culture, rent guesthouses and experience the hospitality of the locals.

Best places to visit in Pakistan with family in summer – FAQs:

Q1. When to visit the northern areas of Pakistan?

Ans: Northern areas could get really cold, so it is best to visit in the summer from May-September. These are ideal months to visit the famous northern areas of Pakistan.

Q2. Where is Babusar Pass located?

Ans: It is 150 kilometers to the north of Kaghan valley and an 11.5-hour car ride from Lahore. T is in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan.

Q3. Which country is Naran Kaghan in?

Ans: Located in Pakistan, Naran is a town in the upper Kaghan valley in the KPK province. Pakistan is a South Asian country with borders connected to China, Iran, India, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

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