Top 14 Famous Parks in Quetta 

Famous Parks in Quetta 


Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province, is famous for its beautiful parks that provide a peaceful escape from city life. These parks offer green space and entertainment to visitors every day. From grand national parks to historic public buildings, Quetta’s parks showcase beautiful scenery and diverse landscapes. Whether seeking tranquility, outdoor recreation, or learning, the city’s parks cater to all interests and provide entertainment in this mountainous region. 

Top 14 Famous Parks in Quetta:

Top 14 Famous Parks in Quetta Here:

  • Hazarganji Chiltan National Park
  • Askari Park
  • Liaquat Park
  • Municipal Park
  • Ayub National Park
  • Quetta Geological Park
  • Kuchlak Park
  • Jinnah Park
  • Hanna Lake View Park
  • Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Park
  • Khalid bin Walid Park
  • Zarghoon Park
  • Shaheed Fazal Dad Park
  • Balochistan Agricultural College Park

1. Hazarganji Chiltan National Park: 

Famous Parks in Quetta 
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Hazarganji Chiltan National Park is located approximately 20 km west of Quetta. It covers an area of 15,555 hectares and is famous for its exotic wildlife and scenery. The park is characterized by rugged terrain, rocky hills, and juniper forests that provide habitats for many animals and fauna. Most importantly, the park is home to the endangered Chiltan ibex, known locally as “Markhor,” It’s a favored spot among photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the park on a hiking trail and enjoy stunning views of the mountains and valleys. 

2. Askari Park: 

Located in the heart of Quetta, Askari Park is a fun spot for families and individuals looking for fun activities. The park features well-manicured lawns, colorful flower beds, and paved walkways perfect for a walk or picnic. It has many attractions, including children’s playgrounds, cycling tours, and markets. Askari Park is a beautiful and popular place. It’s bustling with locals and tourists, particularly on weekends and holidays. 

3. Liaquat Park: 

Liaquat Park near the Governor’s Palace in Quetta is a historical park with green flowers and beautiful views. The park is carefully designed, with manicured lawns, ornamental plants, and shaded paths. It is peaceful for morning walkers, runners, and families who want to relax in nature [Famous Parks in Quetta]. Liaquat Park is also a popular destination for bird watchers due to its diversity of birds. 

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4. Municipal Park: 

Municipal Park is one of Quetta’s oldest parks and offers a tranquil place away from the noise and chaos of the city. The park has large lawns. s and benches allow visitors to unwind and appreciate the natural surroundings. It is a favorite place for a quiet meditation or walk, attracting residents looking for a break from their daily lives. 

5. Ayub National Park: 

Ayub National Park is a sizeable 2,300-acre park on Sariab Road in Quetta. The park features lush gardens, a zoo, and a lake where people can boat and enjoy the views. Home to many wild and exotic animal species, the zoo attracts the attention of families and nature lovers. Ayub National Park is great for outdoor activities, dining, and relaxation. 

6. Quetta Geological Park: 

Famous Parks in Quetta 

Quetta Geological Park shows the geological diversity and history of the region. The park provides an educational and visual attraction by showcasing the beautiful rocks, fossils, and boulders of the Balochistan region. Visitors can learn about the region’s geological evolution and explore interactive exhibits on the earth’s geological processes. 

7. Kuchlak Park:  

Kuchlak Park is located on the outskirts of Quetta, surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains [Famous Parks in Quetta]. The park provides peace-loving people with open spaces ideal for walking, relaxing, and bird watching. Kuchlak Park is a favorite of locals, as it allows them to escape the city and find peace in the beauty of nature. 

8. Jinnah Park:  

Named after the leader of Pakistan, Jinnah Park is a wonderful park in Quetta with beautiful gardens, a jogging track, and a playground. The park offers an environment that appeals to people of all ages, including a children’s playground, family seating areas, and open areas for outdoor activities. Jinnah Park is famous for morning exercises, social gatherings, and walks. 

9. Hanna Lake View Park: 

The park overlooks picturesque Lake Hanna and has witnessed awe-inspiring vistas of the adjacent mountains and reservoir. Hanna Lakeview Park is a favorite spot for photographers, picnickers, and nature lovers seeking panoramic views. Visitors can relax poolside, enjoy a boat tour, or explore nearby trails for an unforgettable outdoor experience. 

10. Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Park: 

Famous Parks in Quetta 

Located next to Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University, the park is a peaceful place with beautiful lawns, shady trees, and seating areas [Famous Parks in Quetta]. The park is open to the public and quiet, perfect for relaxing and walking. It is an oasis on the school campus that invites visitors to enjoy the tranquility of nature. 

11. Khalid bin Walid Park: 

Khalid Bin Walid Park is a popular park in Quetta. The park takes its name from the leader of the famous Islamic army, Khalid bin Walid. There are well-kept gardens, walking areas, and playgrounds for children. Khalid Bin Walid Park is a frequent destination for locals and tourists looking for a beautiful environment in the city. 

12. Zarghoon Park: 

Zarghoon Park is one of Quetta’s largest and oldest parks in the heart of the city. It covers a large area and is known for its green lawns, beautiful views, and shady streets [Famous Parks in Quetta]. Zarghoon Park is peaceful for families, runners, and nature lovers. Abundant with diverse trees, flowers, and seating, the park is an excellent place for picnics and outdoor gatherings.

13. Shaheed Fazal Dad Park: 

Famous Parks in Quetta 

Shaheed Fazal Dad Park is located in Quetta and is dedicated to the memory of Shaheed Fazal Dad Kakar, the famous political figure of Balochistan. The park has good lawns, flower beds, and shaded areas for relaxing. This is a popular place for locals to relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

14. Balochistan Agricultural College Park: 

Balochistan Agricultural College Park is located near Agricultural College Quetta. The quiet and tree-shaded environment gives students and visitors a calm place to relax and study. The peaceful nature of the park makes it the best destination for those who want to spend quiet time in nature. 


Quetta’s parks provide significant green spaces where residents and visitors can relax, play, and connect with nature. These parks help increase the quality of life in the city by providing a peaceful environment for recreation and leisure activities. These are community assets that support health and social well-being [Famous Parks in Quetta]. From historic buildings to vast wilderness areas, Quetta’s parks provide a range of attractions and entertainment options in the big city. Together, they support the urban landscape and emphasize the importance of protecting the urban environment.

Famous Parks in Quetta – FAQs:

Do mountains surround Quetta? 

Quetta is surrounded by mountains, forming a natural “fortress.” The city takes its name from Kwatta, which means castle in Pashto. It is bordered by Zaghoon Mountain in the north, Mudar Mountain in the east, Chiltan Mountain in the south, and Takatu Mountain in the west. 

Is Quetta a valley? 

Quetta Valley is a long-standing depression. It is between Murdar Ghar Hills in the east and Chiltern Hills in the west. To the north, at the top of Takatu Peak. 

In which state is Quetta? 

Quetta is a city, district, and province in Balochistan, Pakistan. The name is a corruption of kwatkot, a Pashto word meaning “fort,” and is also known locally by its former name, Shal or Shalkot.

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