Top 10 Famous Restaurants in Quetta

Famous Restaurants in Quetta


Quetta is a vibrant city where you can eat, walk and discover amazing things you never knew existed. It is the central city and provincial capital of Balochistan and an attractive destination for tourists worldwide. It can be called an orchard because it contains many types of plants and animals. This is Pakistan’s only major city with a high altitude. In this article, we will tell you about the features of “Quetta Restaurant”. Most of them are traditional and belong to a tribe in Balochistan. You should try its food when you go to the beautiful winter city of Quetta. The weather in the town is charming, and there are frequent storms during the frost season. 

Top 10 Famous Restaurants in Quetta:

Famous Restaurants in Quetta Here:

  • Le Jardin Cafe
  • Chiltan BB Restaurant
  • Savors Food
  • Lahore Restaurant
  • BBQ tonight
  • Chinese Hut
  • Pakeeza Restaurant
  • Tandoori Village
  • Quetta Serena
  • Delizia Restaurant

1. Le Jardin Cafe: 

Famous Restaurants in Quetta

Le Jardin Café is an oasis of tranquillity in Quetta, nestled among lush greenery with beautiful outdoor seating. This cafe is famous for its fusion cuisine that combines Western dishes with local flavours. The menu has many options, from classic burgers to pasta and traditional Baloch kebabs to sajji [Famous Restaurants in Quetta]. The restaurant’s location, Le Jardin, is ideal for a meal or afternoon tea. Many guests enjoy signature dishes like the tender and uniquely aromatic Lamb Sajji. The cafe’s excellent service and peaceful atmosphere make it a beloved destination for families and couples looking for a healthy stay in the city’s heart. 

2. Chiltan BB Restaurant: 

Chiltan BBQ Restaurant reflects the essence of Baloch cuisine, especially the legendary Sajji. Here, guests can sample whole lamb marinated in local spices and slow-cooked on a charcoal grill. The result is a juicy, delicious and unforgettable dish. 

Apart from Sajji, Chiltan BBQ also offers a variety of kebabs, kebabs and traditional breads like Baloch Naan. The rustic decor adds to the authenticity of the dining experience, making this restaurant a must-visit for all Baloch food lovers. 

3. Savors Food: 

Savor Foods is a restaurant in Quetta known for its fine Pakistani food. The restaurant serves a varied menu, including traditional options and favourites, as well as innovative creations, delicious biryani, delicious curries, and sizzling kebabs. Their broad menu accommodates a range of tastes, making it popular for large gatherings and family outings. 

One of the main points of Savor Foods is its fresh food, which pairs perfectly with spicy curries. Its natural atmosphere and affordable prices make this place popular with locals and tourists. 

4. Lahore Restaurant: 

Famous Restaurants in Quetta

Lahore Restaurant brings Punjabi flavours to Quetta and offers authentic Punjabi dishes in a welcoming atmosphere. From creamy butter chicken to spicy tandoori dishes, diners can enjoy the richness and beauty of Lahore cuisine. 

The decoration of restaurants often reflects elements of Punjabi culture, creating a lively and lively atmosphere. Lahore Restaurant is a good choice for those who want excellent yet authentic Pakistani cuisine.

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5. BBQ tonight: 

BBQ Tonight is an example of Pakistani barbecue cuisine and vibrant flavours. The Quetta store supports the chain’s reputation for quality and variety by offering a variety of kebabs and grilled specialities.

The restaurant’s beautiful setting is ideal for meetings and celebrations [Famous Restaurants in Quetta]. In addition to the general enjoyment of dining at BBQ Night, guests can also enjoy the view of watching food being prepared over an open fire. 

6. Chinese Hut:  

Chinese Hut caters to Quetta’s love of Chinese food; It offers fried noodles, hot and sour soup, and salty rice. The restaurant’s food combines traditional Chinese dishes with local products. China Cabin’s surroundings make it a popular choice for shared dining with family and friends. Diners can enjoy meals and desserts in a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

7. Pakeeza Restaurant: 

Famous Restaurants in Quetta

Pakeeza Restaurant is famous for its rich and fragrant Pakistani curries. The menu presents various dishes, from creamy korma to spicy karahis, all with fresh ingredients and authentic spices. 

The restaurant’s hospitality and warm atmosphere make it a favourite, with locals seeking comfort and experience. Pakeeza Restaurant is the best choice for those who want to taste classic Pakistani dishes prepared with care. 

8. Tandoori Village: 

Tandoori Village specializes in tandoori cuisine and offers a variety of kebabs, naans and rotis. The restaurant’s unique tandoori dish is cooked in a clay oven, giving it flavour and texture. 

Guests can enjoy a variety of meats and bread, as well as delicious chutneys and sauces. Tandoori Village offers authentic Balochi cuisine in a comfortable and welcoming environment. 

9. Quetta Serena: 

Hotel – Garden Grill Garden Grille at Quetta Serena Hotel offers healthy dining amidst lush gardens and beautiful surroundings. The menu features carefully prepared and creative international and Pakistani dishes. 

Customers can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the hotel garden while dining on memorable meals. Garden Grille is perfect for a special event or evening in Quetta.

10. Delizia Restaurant: 

Famous Restaurants in Quetta

Delizia Restaurant is famous for its seafood dishes and continental cuisine. The restaurant’s menu includes fresh seafood, such as grilled fish and shrimp, as well as a variety of pastas, steaks and salads. 

Elegant decoration and attentive service create a fine dining experience. Delizia Restaurant is perfect for those who want to taste international flavours and experience the hospitality of Quetta. 

These restaurants showcase Quetta cuisine, offering everything from unique Balochi cuisine to international cuisine [Famous Restaurants in Quetta]. Each restaurant has its style and atmosphere, making visitors discovering the city’s fine cuisine an unforgettable experience. 


Quetta’s gastronomic scene is a beautiful blend of local traditions and international influences offered by its diverse restaurants. Whether looking for authentic Balochi delicacies at Chiltan BBQ or continental cuisine at Delizia Restaurant, the city has something to suit every taste. From restaurants like BBQ Tonight to the casual atmosphere of Le Jardin Café and Garden Grille, dining in Quetta is not just about the food but also the atmosphere and welcoming guests [Famous Restaurants in Quetta]. These restaurants not only serve delicious food but also give you a glimpse into the rich culture of Balochistan. Next time you come to Quetta, don’t miss the opportunity to explore these food stalls and enjoy the food of this vibrant city. 

Famous Restaurants in Quetta – FAQs

What is the Speciality of Quetta?

Quetta stands at an average elevation of 1,680 meters (5,510 feet) above sea level, distinguishing itself as Pakistan’s sole major city at high altitude. Renowned as the “Fruit Garden of Pakistan,” it boasts abundant fruit orchards and a wide array of fresh and dried fruits.

What is the old name of Quetta City? 

Quetta is a city, district, and division within the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Its name originates from the Pashto word “kwatkot,” meaning “fort,” while” the city is also referred to by its ancient name Lo.cally, it is known as Shal or Shalkot.

Which city is called the Heart of Balochistan? 

The university is located on the outskirts of Khuzdar, known as the heart of Balochistan. The city of Khuzdar is positioned along the National Highway, connecting Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey.

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