Top 10 Famous parks in Turbat 

Famous parks in Turbat


Turbat is located in the southwestern Balochistan province of Pakistan and is known for its beauty and tranquility. Its attractions include many exciting parks that allow locals and visitors to relax, rejuvenate, and get close to nature. Let’s take a closer look at the famous parks around Turbat.

Top 10 Famous parks in Turbat:

Here are the top 10 famous parks in Turbat:

Kech Bazar Park

Turbat University Park

Kund Malir Park

Gwadar Road Park

Pir Sabak Park

Koshak Park

Sarawan Park

Shah Jahan Park

Panjgur Road Park

Makran Coastal Park

1. Kech Bazar Park: 

Location: Turbat city center Kech Bazaar Park is a green space in the heart of Turbat. It is a focal point for community gatherings and recreational events. The park has beautiful lawns sprinkled with flowers, creating a beautiful environment. Benches and shaded areas provide visitors with a tranquil place to relax and take in the surroundings. Families often go to parks for picnics, and children play on open lawns. The park is centrally located, easily accessible to residents, and is a popular meeting place for locals.  

2. Turbat University Park: 

Famous parks in Turbat

Location: Next to Turbat University Turbat University Park is a peaceful park near Turbat University. It creates a serene atmosphere, making it the perfect place for students and teachers to relax and unwind. The park features lush green lawns, mature trees that provide shade, and well-maintained trails. Chairs and chairs are considered for planning rest and work breaks. Students often go to parks to study quietly or enjoy a moment of solitude in a natural setting.  

3. Kund Malir Park: 

Famous parks in Turbat

Location: Along Makran Coastal Highway Kund Malir The park is a stunning beachfront park situated on the main road of Makran Beach, just a short distance from Turbat. The park offers beautiful views of the Arabian Sea and the surrounding desert landscape [Famous parks in Turbat]. Visitors can ride camels along the beach, explore the coast, or relax in the quiet surroundings. The park attracts many tourists and is a popular stop for them traveling along the coastal road, offering an unforgettable experience along the beautiful coastline of Balochistan.  

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4. Gwadar Road Park: 

Famous parks in Turbat

Location: Along Gwadar Road, Gwadar Road Park is a green space on Gwadar Road in Turbat. The park features beautifully manicured gardens, winding paths, and shaded seating areas. It is perfect for morning and evening walks, jogging, or just enjoying the outdoors. Most families go to the park to have a meal or to let their children play in the open area. The park’s peace gives him the freedom to escape from the noise and chaos of the city.  

5. Pir Sabak Park: 

Location:  Outskirts of Turbat Pir Sabaq Park is located in the beautiful landscape on the outskirts of Turbat. The park offers panoramic views, and the scenic cityscape and surrounding views make it a favored destination for photography enthusiasts. The park is filled with colorful wildflowers in spring, adding to its natural charm. Tourists can take a walk, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy the city’s peace.  

6. Koshak Park: 

Location: Near Koshak Intersection Koshak Park is a small but attractive green space close to Koshak Junction in Turbat. Although the park is large, it has well-kept lawns, beautiful plants, and shaded seating areas. It provides a quiet environment for those looking for a peaceful, natural holiday [Famous parks in Turbat]. The park’s tranquility makes it a great place to meditate or relax.  

7. Sarawan Park: 

Location: Turbat Scenic Area Sarawan Park is an ample green space in the Turbat Scenic Area. The park has large grass areas, ornamental plants, and walking paths. It is a place for community events, meetings, and outdoor activities. Families often visit the park to enjoy outdoor dining or socializing, making it a lively city.  

8. Shah Jahan Park: 

Famous parks in Turbat

Location: Central Turbat Shah Jahan Park is a historical park inspired by the Mughal dynasty and is located in the heart of Turbat. Traditional features of the park include fountains, pavilions, and geometrically arranged gardens. It allows visitors to see the area’s architectural heritage while also providing a peaceful environment to relax and reflect. Shah Jahan Park is a popular destination among locals and tourists alike for its blend of history and natural beauty.  

9. Panjgur Road Park: 

Location: Along Panjgur Road, Panjgur Road Park is a beautiful place in Turbat. The park has recreational facilities such as playgrounds and open green areas. It is a favorite place for family gatherings, picnics, sporting events, and excursions [Famous parks in Turbat]. Panjgur Road Park provides a welcoming venue where visitors of all ages can enjoy outdoor activities in the natural environment of Turbat.  

10. Makran Coastal Park: 

Famous parks in Turbat

Location: The coastal area near Turbat Makran Coastal Park is protected near Turbat, presenting the region’s diverse marine and terrestrial ecosystems. The park has sandy beaches, tidal creeks, and mangroves with wildlife. It’s ideal for birdwatching, hiking, and beach walks. Makran Beach Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to dive into the coast’s beauty and the biodiversity of Balochistan, making it unforgettable for nature lovers.  


In summary, Turbat parks are significant green reserves in the city and offer opportunities for relaxation and play to residents and visitors. Each park has a unique atmosphere and connection to nature, from the lively Kech Market Park to Turbat University Park. Kund Malir Park along the coastal road and Pir Sabaq Park at its foothills showcase the diverse landscapes and beauty of Balochistan [Famous parks in Turbat]. Additionally, historical parks such as Shah Jahan Park and community-oriented areas such as Sarawan Park highlight Turbat’s cultural and social heritage. These parks support the city’s character and are essential places to relax and admire the area’s charm. Explore the parks of Turbat and experience the peace, scenery, and history of this fascinating region of Balochistan. 

Famous parks in Turbat – FAQs: 

What is Turbat City famous for? 

This city has a special place in Baloch folklore. Sassi is the hero of Punnu and the home of the Punnu. The ruins of Punu Fort are still visible in Turbat. The Gichki tribe of Makran has ruled Turbat since ancient times. 

What is Turbat’s story? 

Turbat is a historical town in Makran Province, located on the banks of the Kech River. Turbat is the 2nd largest city in Balochistan after Quetta and the 38th largest city in Pakistan. It is the largest city in the south of the state. 

What is the climate of Turbat? 

Turbat is 136.77 meters (448.72 feet) high and has a subtropical desert climate. The annual temperature in the region is 26.77 °C (80.19 °F), which is 5.88% higher than the average temperature in Pakistan.

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