Famous Restaurants in Turbat

Famous Restaurants in Turbat


Discover the unique cuisine of Turbat with a variety of dining options showcasing the rich flavours of Baloch cuisine. From traditional Sajji and Landi to delicious Balochi stews and kebabs, each restaurant offers a unique experience with local hospitality. Whether you prefer fine dining, a café or a family atmosphere, Turbat’s restaurants have something to suit everyone’s taste. Enjoy healthy seafood on the shore or enjoy cheap eats without compromising on taste. Embark on a healthy journey at the best restaurants in Turbat, where fine dining is heritage-based. 

1. Zaiqa Restaurant:

Zaiqa Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Turbat that specializes in authentic Balochi dishes. Located in the heart of the city, this restaurant presents a blend of traditional and contemporary dishes and flavours. One of the signature dishes is Sajji, a delicious lamb marinated in spices and slowly cooked to perfection. Freshly cooked Landi is a dish of lamb and rice, and its aroma is irresistible. 

Zaiqa Restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere with traditional Balochi decor. The sofa is comfortable, making it an excellent place for family and gatherings. In addition to meat dishes, the restaurant’s menu also includes vegetarian dishes such as Daal and Sabzi, all prepared with local ingredients. The staff will be happy to contribute to the warm atmosphere that will ensure you have an unforgettable experience. 

2. Serena Hotel Restaurant:

Known for its elegant surroundings and panoramic views, Serena Hotel Restaurant in Turbat offers a luxurious dining experience. Located at Serena Hotel, the restaurant offers a variety of dishes combining Balochi specialities with international cuisine [Famous Restaurants in Turbat]. Guests can enjoy delicious grilled meat Balochi Saji or try local dishes like steak and pasta. 

Serena Hotel Restaurant is ideal for special occasions or business meetings. Attentive service and attention to detail enhance the dining experience. Whether having a fun lunch or a romantic dinner, guests can enjoy their meal while admiring the beautiful views of Turbat. 

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3. Cafe de Turbat: 

Cafe de Turbat is a popular cafe-style restaurant known for its fusion cuisine and lounge venues. Located in a lively part of the city, this restaurant appeals to a diverse customer base by offering a menu that blends local Balochi flavours with international flavours. From Baloch kebab to burgers and pasta, the cafe’s menu has something for everyone. 

The location of Cafe de Turbat is prevalent for its modern and comfortable equipment. This is a favourite hangout for locals and tourists alike, providing a cosy place to enjoy delicious food and drinks. The cafe focuses on quality ingredients and creative dishes, making it Turbat’s culinary gem. 

4. Al-Karim Restaurant: 

Famous Restaurants in Turbat

Al-Karim Restaurant represents traditional Baloch hospitality, serving meals in a rustic setting. This restaurant is famous for its delicious Balochi stew, apple kebabs and fresh bread. Each dish reflects the culinary traditions of Balochistan and is prepared with attention to detail. 

The ambience of  Al-Karim Restaurant is cosy and inviting, with traditional Balochi carpets and handicrafts decorating the walls [Famous Restaurants in Turbat]. The scent of spices permeates the atmosphere, crafting a wonderful experience for diners. Whether enjoying a sumptuous meal with family or friends, visitors can taste the rich Baloch cuisine at Al-Karim Restaurant. 

5. Quetta Darbar: 

Famous Restaurants in Turbat

Quetta Darbar is themed with the best cooking in Turbat and has an extensive menu of Pakistani cuisine. From aromatic biryani to delicious curries and tender kebabs, every dish is prepared to perfection. The restaurant’s spacious dining room can accommodate large groups and family gatherings, making it a popular choice for celebrations. 

The restaurant is fun and welcoming, and the staff takes care to ensure you have a memorable meal. Guests can enjoy Balochi Dum Biryani, a delicious dish prepared with tender meats, or try the restaurant’s menu of various traditional and modern dishes. Quetta Darbar is a must-visit place for those who want to taste Pakistan’s rich culinary heritage. 

6. Sabir Restaurant: 

Sabir Restaurant is a haven for seafood lovers in Turbat, specializing in fresh seafood in Balochi style. The menu offers a diverse selection of grilled fish options, shrimp and crab dishes served with traditional appetizers such as rice and salad. Located on the beach, this beautiful restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience. 

Sabir’s atmosphere is relaxed. Perfect for enjoying delicious seafood with family and friends [Famous Restaurants in Turbat]. The restaurant focuses on quality ingredients and authentic flavours to please seafood lovers. Whether you want grilled fish or Balochi-style shrimp, Sabir Restaurant has something to suit your taste and ambience. 

7. Gulshan-e-Iqbal Restaurant: 

Gulshan-e-Iqbal Restaurant is a popular choice among families and groups in Turbat. It serves delicious dishes to suit every palate, from traditional Balochi dishes like Chapli Kebab to continental favourites. The restaurant’s spaciousness and affordable price make it popular among locals. 

Gulshan-e-Iqbal Restaurant has a traditional and warm atmosphere, and the friendly staff offers excellent service. Families can enjoy the resort’s fantastic cuisine and enjoy the restaurant’s hospitality. Whether dining inside or in the outdoor seating area, guests can expect to experience and enjoy the cooking. 

8. Bolan Sajji House: 

Bolan Sajji House is famous for its talented Sajjis. Sajji restaurant is a must-try for tourists looking for authentic Baloch cuisine. The relaxed atmosphere and affordable prices attract both locals and tourists. 

The atmosphere at Bolan Sajji House is relaxed and homely, focusing on delicious and simple food. Guests can watch skilled chefs prepare Sajji over an open fire and add a smoky flavour to the meat. Whether dining alone or in a group, visitors can enjoy a hearty meal that showcases the culinary heritage of Balochistan.

9. Karachi Sajji House:

Karachi Sajji House is famous for its delicious kebabs and a variety of Balochi-style chicken and mutton dishes. The menu also includes traditional flavours that reflect the region’s culinary traditions, such as Landi and Balochi Pulao. Locals love the restaurant’s cosy atmosphere and attentive service.

The atmosphere at Karachi Sajji House is relaxed and focused on bringing out the natural flavour of grilled meat [Famous Restaurants in Turbat]. Diners can enjoy kebabs and aromatic rice in the lounge. Affordable and suitable for everyone, the restaurant invites its guests to enjoy Baloch cuisine.

10. Mehran Restaurant: 

Famous Restaurants in Turbat

Mehran Restaurant offers affordable food without compromising on taste in Turbat. The menu offers a variety of Pakistani and Balochi dishes, from kebabs to biryani, in a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is known for its spaciousness and its friendly service, which has made it a favoured spot among locals and tourists alike.

The casual and homely atmosphere of Mehran Restaurant provides a comfortable place for a sumptuous meal. Diners can enjoy quick service and delicious dishes highlighting Baloch cuisine. Whether you dine alone or with friends, Mehran Restaurant promises delicacies at affordable prices.


In conclusion, Turbat restaurant represents the essence of Baloch’s culinary tradition by blending local flavours with global influences. Whether you are looking for authentic Sajji and Balochi Pulao or prefer seafood and continental dishes, there is something for everyone here [Famous Restaurants in Turbat]. The hospitality and warmth of these restaurants make dining at Turbat an unforgettable experience for locals and tourists alike. From grand restaurants with great views to stylish, casual cafes, all restaurants contribute to the city’s culinary energy. Discover the gastronomy of Turbat and immerse yourself in the rich flavours of this historical city.

Famous Restaurants in Turbat – FAQS:

What is Turbat City famous for?

This city has a special place in Baloch folklore. Sassi is the hero of Punnu and the home of the Punnu. The ruins of Punu Fort are still visible in Turbat. The Gichki tribe of Makran has ruled Turbat since ancient times.

What is Turbat’s story?

Turbat is a historical town in Makran Province, located on the banks of the Kech River. Turbat is the 2nd largest city in Balochistan after Quetta and the 38th largest city in Pakistan. It is the largest city in the south of the state.

What is the climate of Turbat?

Turbat has an elevation of 136.77 meters (448.72 feet) and has a subtropical desert climate. The annual temperature in the region is 26.77 °C (80.19 F), which is 5.88% higher than the average temperature in Pakistan.

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