Famous Places in Turbat to Visit 

Famous Places in Turbat to Visit 


Turbat is a historical city in Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province, rich in heritage and natural beauty. Embark on an exciting journey through an area filled with incredible landscapes and rich heritage. Discover untouched islands, quiet lakes, and beautiful waterfalls nestled in rugged mountains. Explore the old castle and visit the lively market with local traditions. Relax at the fishing port and see the diverse wildlife of the reserve. This brand offers a variety of experiences. 

1. Astola Island (Haft Talar): 

Astola Island, also known as Haft Talar, is a beautiful, uninhabited island in the Arabian Sea, about 25 kilometers south of Pasni. The island is characterized by its heart-shaped shape, with pristine sandy beaches, clear turquoise water, and rocky cliffs [Famous Places in Turbat to Visit ]. Astola Island is a very diverse place; it is home to many marine life, including fish, turtles, and colorful fish. The island is also an important nesting area for green turtles, making it an important protected area. Visitors can explore the island of beauty, snorkel, or dive among coral reefs and admire the beautiful views of the rocks. 

2. Lake Buleda:  

Buleda Lake is a beautiful lake located near the town of Buleda in the beautiful region of Balochistan. Surrounded by rugged mountains and lush vegetation, the lake is a fantastic spot for nature enthusiasts. Tourists can take a walk on the lake and relish the panoramic mountain views. The area around Lake Buleda is rich in bird species, making it a favored spot among birdwatchers. The lake is also a perfect place to have a picnic and get away from city life. 

3. Kech Valley: 

Famous Places in Turbat to Visit 

Kech Valley is a fertile, green area near Turbat known for its lush palm fruit trees and farms. The valley is fed by the Kech River, which flows through the land and ensures the preservation of lush greenery. The valley is inhabited by the Baloch community, which has vital agriculture and focuses on date crops. Visitors to the valley can explore traditional villages, interact with local friends, and sample the famous histories of the region. The valley also has beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and is an excellent place for hiking and photography. 

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4. Gwadar Beach: 

Famous Places in Turbat to Visit 

Gwadar Beach is located along the azure waters of the Arabian Sea, a pristine coastline not far from Turbat. This large beach has golden sand, clear water, and rugged rocks, creating a beautiful environment for relaxing and exploring. Gwadar Beach is great for swimming and sunbathing and is peaceful away from the crowds [Famous Places in Turbat to Visit ]. The beach is also known for its fishing community, where visitors can see fishing activities such as netting and drying fish. Gwadar Beach is a must-visit place for those looking for the beauty and charm of the beach. 

5. Punnu Fort: 

Punnu Fort, also known as Panni Fort, is an ancient fort near Turbat and is believed to date back to the 15th century. Perched atop a hill, the castle provides panoramic views of the surrounding desert landscape. Punu Castle has a long history and legend; It is specifically about the love story of Punu and Sassi, which is detailed in Balochi poems and folk songs. The architecture of this fort is a combination of Baloch and Mughal styles, with defensive walls, bastions, and intricate carvings. Exploring Punu Castle gives an insight into the rich heritage and legacy of the region. 

6. Hingol National Park:  

Famous Places in Turbat to Visit 
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Hingol National Park, located in the northeast of Turbat, is the largest park in Balochistan and has a place in terms of biodiversity. The park features diverse landscapes, including rugged mountains, deep canyons, coastal plains, and pristine beaches. 

Hingol National Park is home to unique wildlife such as Baloch bears, mountain goats, and Chinkara. A key part of the park is the mysterious mud volcano, where mud erupts from the ground due to natural gas emissions. Visitors to Hingol National Park can take part in hunting safaris, hike beautiful trails, and visit landmarks such as the Princess of Hope Rock Formation. 

7. Turbat Museum: 

Turbat Museum is a cultural institution that displays artifacts and exhibits related to the history and heritage of Balochistan. The museum contains archaeological finds, ancient pottery, coins, traditional artifacts, and works that show the evolution of regional culture. Visitors can visit unique places that feature Baloch culture, lifestyle, and historical events. Turbat Museum gives an insight into the traditions and crafts of the Baloch people, as well as the ancient civilization that flourished in the region. It serves as a center of learning for people who love the heritage of Balochistan. 

8. Paddi Zirr:

Paddi Zirr is a beautiful waterfall located in the hills near Turbat, the serenity of nature. The waterfalls flow from the cliffs and are surrounded by lush vegetation, creating a peaceful atmosphere. Paddi Zirr is a popular destination for day trips and dining, attracting visitors seeking relaxation and outdoor activities [Famous Places in Turbat to Visit ]. The area around the waterfall is ideal for walking and photography, as well as the opportunity to see the local flora and fauna. Paddi Zirr offers visitors an escape from the city and allows them to be immersed in the beauty of Balochistan. 

9. Bazar Road: 

Bazaar Road is a lively business street in Turbat with excellent and original businesses. The market is bustling with shops offering a diverse range of products, including traditional Balochi handicrafts, textiles, spices, and new products. Visitors can explore the place, and there is the sweet smell of street food and the sounds of bargaining. Market Street is a great place to chat with locals, learn about area businesses, and shop for unique gifts. The market showcases the daily life and multiculturalism of Turbat, making it a must-visit for anyone interested in the local experience. 

10. Kalmat Khor: 

Kalmat Khor is a beautiful fishing village near Turbat, characterized by its pleasant weather and the charm of its beach. The port, where colorful wooden boats on the shore and fishermen continue their daily lives, is the center of fishing activities [Famous Places in Turbat to Visit ]. Visitors can see traditional fishing techniques used by local communities and tour the large fish market. Kalmat Hall is also a beautiful place To capture photos, especially during sunrise and sunset when the sky is painted with gorgeous colors. The port overlooks the maritime heritage of the area, making it an attractive destination for beach lovers. 


Exploring the diverse landscapes and cultural heritage of the region offers travelers a fascinating journey. From serene lakes to pristine beaches and ancient forts to shopping malls, every place provides a piece of Balochistan’s rich history and natural beauty [Famous Places in Turbat to Visit ]. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, the attractions around Turbat offer an experience with beautiful views and beautiful historical sites. Uncover the region’s hidden treasures and make lasting memories in this stunning part of the world. 

Famous Places in Turbat to Visit – FAQs:

What is Turbat City famous for?  

This city has a special place in Baloch folklore. Sassi is the hero of Punnu and the home of the Punnu. The ruins of Punu Fort are still visible in Turbat. The Gichki tribe of Makran has ruled Turbat since ancient times. 

What is Tubat’s story? 

Turbat is a historical town in Makran Province, located on the banks of the Kech River. Turbat is the 2nd largest city in Balochistan after Quetta and the 38th largest city in Pakistan. It is the largest city in the south of the state. 

What is the climate of Turbat?

Turbat is 136.77 meters (448.72 feet) high and has a subtropical desert climate. The annual temperature in the region is 26.77 °C (80.19 °F), which is 5.88% higher than the average temperature in Pakistan. 

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