Best Places to visit in Murree 2024

Places to visit in Murree


Often called the “Queen of the Hills,” Murree is a beautiful station in the Rawalpindi district of Pakistan’s Punjab province. This popular tourist destination is a short drive from Islamabad and is the perfect escape from city life. Murree is known for its cool climate, lush greenery, and scenic views. Here’s your detailed guide to popular places to explore in Murree.

Mall Road:

Places to visit in Murree

Mall Road is the vibrant heart of Murree; this highway is the heart of the city’s economy. It has numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes, creating a fun day or night. Shoppers can browse the many local craft shops, including beautiful tapestries, fine jewelry, woodwork, and embroidery. This is the perfect place to find unique souvenirs to commemorate your trip. Dining options range from markets to restaurants and cafes where you can eat local dishes such as Chapli kebab, saag, and makki di roti. At night, Mall Street sparkles with bright lights, music, and street performances, making it the perfect place to stroll and relax In a relaxed atmosphere.

Patriata (New Murree):

Patriata is located approximately 15 kilometers from the central city of Murree, also known as New Murree. The area is famous for state-of-the-art cable cars and chair lifts that allow visitors to enjoy beautiful views of dense forests and rolling hills above the clouds [Places to visit in Murree]. The ride is an exciting experience: spectacular views, especially in the morning or afternoon when the sun shines on the landscape. At the top of the mountain, you can peacefully enjoy many activities, such as horseback riding and hiking, or relax and admire the beauty of nature. Patriata is the perfect place for those who want to combine adventure with relaxation.

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Pindi Point:

Pindi Point is one of the highest points in Murree and offers beautiful views of the two cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Accessible by scenic train, Pindi Point is ideal for those who want to enjoy a quiet place and beautiful views. Once you reach the top, visitors can explore trails, restaurants, and even a small park. This viewpoint is ideal for photography enthusiasts and allows for capturing beautiful landscapes, landscapes, and valley views.

Kashmir Point:

Places to visit in Murree
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Kashmir Point is another recommended place in Murree and is famous for its view overlooking the Kashmir mountains. Compared to Mall Road, this quiet place is perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility. The journey to Cape Kashmir through dense pine forests is exhilarating and a close connection with nature. The area is ideal for a walk or a quiet meal amidst peace and beautiful scenery.

Murree Hills:

The hills around Murree are a paradise for lovers and adventurers. Many hiking trails pass through dense forests, offering opportunities to explore the region’s rich flora and fauna. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just looking for an easy hike, these walks cater to all difficulty levels. The cool, clean air, the rustling of leaves, and the sound of birds chirping create a tranquil mood, perfect for a day in nature. Hiking in Murree Hills allows you to immerse yourself in peace and beauty, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Ayubia National Park:

About 30 kilometers from Murree, Ayubia National Park is a haven for wildlife recognized for its wide range of systems and natural beauty. The park has various wildlife, including leopards, black bears, and many bird species [Places to visit in Murree]. One of the park’s most popular attractions is the Tubing Trail, an easy trail that offers beautiful views and a peaceful stroll. Lush greenery and cool climate make Ayoubia Naturalists will find National Park an ideal site for those looking to enjoy the outdoors.

Nathia Gali:

Places to visit in Murree
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Located a short drive from Murree, Nathia Gali is a scenic hill station known for its walking trails, colonial architecture, and lush greenery. Mukshpuri and Miranjani trekking routes are prevalent among trekkers [Places to visit in Murree]. They offer challenging but rewarding climbs with breathtaking views of the peaks and valleys in the area. Nathia Gali’s beautiful home and surroundings make it the ideal location for people looking to unwind and renew. The city’s cool climate and stunning landscape attract visitors yearly, making it a must-visit destination.


Bhurban is a small town near Murree, famous for its luxury resorts and good golf courses. Pearl Continental Hotel in Bhurban is trendy for its services and amenities. The city’s well-kept gardens, cool climate, and beautiful scenery make it the ideal destination for couples and families looking for a more relaxing and lovely holiday. Bhurban’s surroundings and scenery make it the perfect place to spend a relaxing weekend.

Murree Brewery:

Places to visit in Murree
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Visiting Murree Brewery can be very interesting for those who love local history and unique experiences. Built in 1860, it is one of the oldest properties in the area. Although the brewery is not open to the public, its products are essential to Murree heritage and can be tried at local restaurants and shops. The brewery’s history and ongoing operations add a unique cultural touch to a trip to Murree.

Sozo Adventure Park:

Sozo Adventure Park is located on the Murree Islamabad Highway and is ideal for families with children. The park has many entertainment and attractions, including a water park, making it a fun activity for the whole family [Places to visit in Murree]. The park is located amidst lush greenery, which adds to the overall experience and provides a beautiful setting for relaxation and adventure. Sozo Adventure Park offers a variety of activities for all ages and is the perfect place for a day trip.


Murree’s beautiful scenery, vibrant culture, and variety of leisure pursuits make it the perfect location for tourists seeking relaxation. Whether exploring the street markets, admiring the beauty of the Patria Towers, or trekking through the dense forest, Murree has something for everyone. The city’s rich history, cool climate, and inviting atmosphere will make your trip unforgettable. Embrace the natural beauty and charm of Murree for a truly enchanting getaway. Plan your trip today and discover why Murree remains a favorite holiday destination for many.

Places to visit in Murree – FAQs:

Q1. What’s unique about Murree?

Ans: Murree is the largest and most popular station in Pakistan, located at an altitude of 6000-7000 feet. Located an hour’s drive from Islamabad along a winding mountain road, this area is flooded with tourists every year. The view is beautiful, and the climate is cool in summer and cool in winter.

Q2. Is Murree worth going?

Ans: With its stunning views, this is a natural spot popular with tourists.

Q3. What is Murree also known as?

Ans: According to ancient legends, the name “Murree” is derived from “Marium” or “Mary”. Locals call her Mai Mari da Asthan (“the rest of the Virgin Mary”). When the British came to India in 1850 to establish a new mountain, Murree was still called Mari.

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