Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Multan

Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Multan


Multan, also known as the “City of Saints,” is a historic city located in the heart of Pakistan’s Punjab province. It is one of the oldest cities in South Asia, with a history dating back thousands of years. Multan’s rich cultural, spiritual, and architectural heritage makes it a must-visit destination for tourists. Here are ten of Multan’s top tourist attractions, each providing a distinct viewpoint of the city’s past and vibrant present.

Top 10 famous places to visit in Multan:

10 famous places to visit in Multan here:

  • Shrine of Bahauddin Zakariya
  • Shrine of Shah Rukn-e-Alam
  • Multan Fort
  • Tomb of Shah Shams Sabzwari
  • Sultan Ali Akbar Tomb
  • Hussain Agahi Bazaar
  • Chaman Zar-e-Askari
  • Multan Arts Council
  • Nishtar Medical College and Hospital
  • Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower)

1. Shrine of Bahauddin Zakariya:

Bahauddin Zakariya Tomb is a vital mausoleum dedicated to the 13th-century Sufi saint Bahauddin Zakariya. Located in the old city of Multan, this temple’s elaborate architecture is a marvel of tile work, beautiful calligraphy, and a majestic dome. The saint was a nobleman in the Suhrawardiyya order, and his teachings continued to pay homage to thousands of devotees. The tranquility and historical significance of the holy place makes it an attractive destination for tourists who love Sufi traditions and Islamic architecture.

2. Shrine of Shah Rukn-e-Alam:

One of Multan’s most important landmarks is the Shah Rukh Alam Mosque, dedicated to the famous Sufi monk Shah Rukh Alam, a disciple of Bahauddin Zakariya. The Tughluq rulers built the temple between 1320 and 1324, a fine example of pre-Mughal architecture. Its massive dome is one of the largest in the world, and its intricate geometric patterns and glazed tiles make it a masterpiece of design. Given its importance in history and architecture, the place is a spiritual place and a tourist attraction.

3. Multan Fort:

Multan Fort, also known as Qila Kohna Qasim Bagh, is a historical fort that has played an essential role in the defense and administration of the city for centuries. Although most of the fort was destroyed during British rule, the remaining buildings, such as Qasim Bagh and Damdama, evoke a sense of grandeur and history [Top 10 famous places to visit in Multan]. The fort provides expansive views of the metropolis and has many important tourist attractions, such as the Pir Adil Shah Temple and the elaborately decorated Sawan Mal Tomb. Anyone who wants to learn more about the fort’s remnants can explore the fort’s importance throughout Multan’s history.

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4. Tomb of Shah Shams Sabzwari:

Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Multan
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The prison of Shah Shams Sabzwari, a revered Sufi saint in the 13th century, is another spiritual and architectural treasure of Multan. Located in the city’s heart, the cemetery is famous for its blue-white tiles and unique architectural style. Shah Shams Sabzwari is renowned for his miracles, which contributed to the spread of Islam in the region. The tomb is a popular tourist destination where visitors can experience the spiritual space and admire the beautiful tomb.

5. Sultan Ali Akbar Tomb:

The tomb of Sultan Ali Akbar is located in the historical Uch Sharif area near Multan. It is the home of Prophet Muhammad and is dedicated to Muhammad’s grandchildren. The mausoleum is a fine example of early Islamic architecture, with beautiful mosaic work and blue tiles. The school’s geographical location and historical significance make it an excellent destination for those interested in Islamic history and art. The mausoleum is part of a larger area that includes other historical monuments and temples, providing a cultural experience.

6. Hussain Agahi Bazaar:

Among the oldest is Hussain Agahi Bazaar, the busiest market in Multan. This lively bazaar has many stalls selling Multani handicrafts, embroideries, spices, sweets, and other local products [Top 10 famous places to visit in Multan]. Walking through the narrow streets of the bazaar, Tourists can fully engage with the local way of life and experience the daily life of Multan residents. The bazaar is also famous for its traditional Multani cuisine, and there is also an opportunity to taste local dishes.

7. Chaman Zar-e-Askari:

Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Multan

Chaman Zar-e-Askari is a beautiful garden in the Multan district. Lush greenery, streams, and lovely walks make it the best place to relax and enjoy. The garden is a popular place for families and tourists to relax. It provides a calm setting away from the commotion and chaos of the city, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy natural beauty.

8. Multan Arts Council:

Multan Arts Council is the city’s hub of culture and arts. The production committee was formed to promote local art and culture and organize regular exhibitions, plays, concerts, and cultural festivals. It showcases Multan’s rich artistic heritage, which includes pottery, textile arts, painting, and folk music [Top 10 famous places to visit in Multan]. Visitors can peruse a range of exhibits and watch performances to gain a deeper understanding of the region’s heritage and art.

9. Nishtar Medical College and Hospital:

Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Multan

Nishtar Medical College and Hospital was established in 1951 and is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most prestigious medical institutions. Although primarily an academic and healthcare institution, the university is known for its architectural and historical significance. The school combines modern and contemporary architectural elements, and its lush green surroundings make it a delightful place to visit. The university has played an essential role in developing medical education and healthcare in the region.

10. Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower):

Ghanta Ghar, or Clock Tower, is a famous historical site in the heart of Multan. The clock tower was constructed during the British colonial period and is the center of the city’s economy [Top 10 famous places to visit in Multan]. The surrounding area is home to large shopping malls where visitors can explore food stalls and food vendors and experience the daily life of Multan. The clock tower is an architectural beauty, and its historical significance makes it popular with tourists and locals.


Multan’s rich cultural and historical landscape offers an unforgettable experience to all visitors. Each attraction offers a unique view of the city’s past and present. Multan is a treasure trove of history and culture, making it a must-visit destination for those who want to dive deeper into Pakistan’s rich history. The city’s majestic churches, ancient castles, and bustling markets offer a unique blend of spiritual and worldly experiences [Top 10 famous places to visit in Multan]. Multan leaves something for everyone to see, be it the beauty of its mosques or the liveliness of its markets. The city’s deep heritage and hospitality ensure that a trip to Multan is a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Explore Multan and immerse yourself in the incredible moments of this extraordinary city.

Top 10 famous places to visit in Multan – FAQs:

Q1. What is Multan famous for?

Ans: Known as the “City of Pirs and Shrines,” Multan is a prosperous city with bazaars, mosques, and beautifully designed mausoleums. Multan International Airport has flights to major cities worldwide, including Pakistan and other countries.

Q2. What is unique about Multan?

Ans: Multan is famous for its many Sufi shrines, including the iconic mausoleum of Shah Gardez, which dates from the 1150s. Much of Multan is covered in blue enamel tiles.

Q3. Is Multan worth visiting?

Ans: Multan is a 5,000-year-old city in Pakistan, popularly known as the “City of Saints.” It is one of the most beautiful cities for tourists and has many historical, spiritual, and cultural places worth visiting.

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