Things to do on Mustang Island

Things to do on Mustang Island

Mustang Island, located in Texas’s populous state, is 18 miles long. Does the name Mustang ring a bell? It is because it is named after the wild horses that were brought to America from Spain. There is a lot to do at this place. There is a reason it was ranked among the top 25 beaches in America. There are endless things to do at its sandy beach, from swimming to fishing and visiting Mustang Island State Park.


Things to do on Mustang Island

You would find a lot of opportunity to fish on this Island. You could fish from the shore or the boat and also get to view the stunning views in this serene paradise. You could catch redfish, trout, and a variety of other fishes. You could also get deep-sea fishing trips with local guides. They would take you to areas where you are likely to find a lot of fish species.

Water Sports

Mustang Island is widely known for its water sports. Bring your surfboards for surfing activities or rent them from local stores. The waves are ideal for surfing. Kayaking, canoeing, or some other sport activity is also ideal in the waters [Things to do on Mustang Island]. It gives an in-depth experience of the sea and is a fun way of exploring the sea and the marine environment.

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Port Aransas

This small town city is on Mustang Island. Interestingly, it was a pirate location back in the 1800s. Pirates used to bury their treasures in Port Aransas, and maybe you would find some on your journey. Every summer, it hosts the Sand Fest, where you would find sand sculptures, food vendors, shopping stalls, fun music, and everything that one could expect to find in a festival.

Make sure to hydrate yourself and bring sunscreen because the summer temperature could reach 98 Fahrenheit (37 degrees).

Another festival that usually happens here is the Port Aransas Shrimp Festival, which is held in summer and involves eating all things shrimp.

Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center

It is a bird center at Mustang Island, at the southern end of Ross Avenue, hosting a vast number of bird species. You must grab your binoculars to view the over 300 spectacular bird species. Learn about them through the pamphlets, spot the resembling ones, and take photos of them. There are some permanent and migratory species as well.

It is ideal for families and travel photographers while also being fun and educational. A ‘Birding on the Boardwalk’ program takes place every Wednesday, which is an educational experience for those interested in birds and anyone looking to immerse themselves in what Port Aransas has to offer.

Art & Culture

Things to do on Mustang Island

Delve into the art community by visiting the Port Aransas Museum. Here, you will find exhibitions, the history of Port Aransas, and the local culture. Visiting the place yourself instead of searching on the web is much more rewarding and remains long in memory compared to digital ones.

Take a tour of the chapel on the dunes in Port Aransas. It is a serene chapel and one of the most visited [Things to do on Mustang Island]. The Port Aransas museum also provides a tour of this place built by Aline Carter in the 1930s. It is situated on a high point in Aransas. It is painted white on the outside, and on the inside, you can find murals painted by artist John Pattrick Cobb.

You could get guided tours, which are also free by the museum twice a month. You should confirm your schedules beforehand, but currently, they take tours on Saturdays.


Things to do on Mustang Island

Does stargazing, nature sounds, natural aromas, and exposure to natural elements seem like your thing? Then camping must be your ideal thing to do. Stargaze at night and immerse yourself in the best views.  Plan your camping activities. There are camping grounds that give you the opportunity to gaze at the stars, and you could wake up to the beautiful and soothing sounds of waves.

There are developed and primitive campsites available. You would have restroom and shower facilities, and picnic tables.


You will find a number of shops at Mustang Island. You could discover swimsuits, swimming gear, and educational pamphlets, along with casual shopping for home décor, apparel, accessories, and shoes. Don’t forget to grab souvenirs relevant specifically to Port Aransas and Mustang Island [Things to do on Mustang Island]. You would also get dining opportunities, from fine dining to street food.

Shopping at events is going to give you the opportunity to pick unique souvenirs and shopping as the vendors coming over there are here for the festivals; they come from far-off areas. The local shops have a wide array of items; the local art centers have some of the best talents and one-of-a-kind art. You will find very talented sculptors and jewelry makers here.

Mustang Island State Park

It has a 5-mile-long beachfront. It’s a state park. It offers you an ideal and serene spot for holidays or a fun weekend. Camping options are also available on Mustang Island. It is suitable for family recreation. On this Island park, you are likely to experience untouched wildlifec [Things to do on Mustang Island]. One has the restroom and toilet facilities at this park.  It is also a major bird-watching location and serves as a fishing point. You would find paddling trails that come across the best shallow-water fishing spots.

Several festivals take place here, aiming to entertain and educate visitors. One looks at wildlife elements. You won’t be bored by the information. Sometimes, listen to your guts, not your friends.


Mustang Island is open all year for visitors interested in either the festivals happening here or the number of water activities that attract them. It is a nice place to spend a weekend or a few days on vacation [Things to do on Mustang Island]. There are many accommodation options available in the towns.

Things to do on Mustang Island – FAQs:

Q1. Are Port Aransas and Mustang Island the same?

Ans: Port Aransas is a town is Mustang Island. It is kind of the same.

Q2. Is Mustang Island free?

Ans: No, there are entry fees at various entry points on Mustang Island. These fees vary for adults and younger children, and they are charged for access to specific areas and facilities.

Q3. Can you drive your car on Mustang Island?

Ans: Yes, the beach is open for you to take your car inside. But taking directly onto the beach requires permission.

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